Spinning Terms

Batt – carded fiber that comes from a drum carder. It is like a sheet of fiber.

Bump – a ball of fiber that is prepared for spinning

Carding – a process by which the fiber is brushed, preparing it for spinning.

Drive – the string that connects to big wheel on a spinning wheel to the part that spins the yarn.

Drum Carder – a machine that is used to card fiber into a batt. It is particularly useful for blending fibers.

Fleece – fiber that has been shorn from a sheep.

Noils – Technically waste and knotted bits in wool. Noils of any fiber can be deliberately added to make a novelty or art yarn.

Rolag – pronounced roll-log. This is a small amount of fiber rolled up after the fiber has been carded.

Roving – fiber that has not yet been spun, but has been washed and carded

Treadle – the foot-pedal on a spinng wheel


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