Knitting Break

I need a break from my life right now. My health is my life, and I just need some time to not think about it. Easier said than done, I’m aware, but I want more in my life than doctors appointments and disease/treatment research.

For several weeks now, I’ve had foster kittens. I haven’t had the energy to post about them, and Michael has been involved in most of their care, but they’ve been here. In order, we have Caylus, Collete, Demi, and Raven.

The kittens have been really healthy, and all of them are about as sweet and affectionate as you could want.

I’ve also done some knitting. I have several projects with deadlines, so I’ve been focused on them. First, I made a hat and mittens for my friend Vickie’s expected baby. I might make some booties to go with these – I haven’t decided yet. I want something the baby can wear right out of the hospital first, then I’ll see if I can make something that she can wear as she grows a bit.

I’m also working on a “yarn shirt” for my niece Alexis to wear at Christmas. A few years ago, when I was living in San Francisco, I taught Alexis to knit. We later went walking past a yarn store, and Alexis got incredibly excited when she saw a sweater in the window – “That’s a yarn shirt!” We managed to get together again later on, and Alexis informed me that I need to knit her a sweater. I love that she wanted something made by me, so I’ve finally gotten on it. I intend to give it to her as a Christmas present. I’m also going to make a sweater for her brother, but that hasn’t been started yet.

The pattern is a DROPS pattern, labeled s15-7. I’m knitting it in O-wool Balance, pink and green. I’ve made a few modifications, most notably that I am knitting it in stockinette rather than reverse stockinette. I’ve never really liked the reverse stockinette stitch as the public side of a garment, so there you have it. I’m hoping the sweater comes out a little big so she can wear it for a relatively long time, but we’ll just have to see.

I don’t have the focus to knit as much as I’d like, and I had to abandon a shawl I was designing, but I’ll get back to it. At least I hope.


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