Back and Forth

Just when I thought I was doing well with at least keeping up with my blogging, I’ve fallen behind. I’m not too upset about this – I managed to write more than once a week for a while, so missing a few weeks sort of evens it out. I just like to think that maybe I have set reasonable, attainable goals for myself, and it’s frustrating to miss them.

That said, I’m still working on the goals I set in February. The greatest progress is happening in the knitting department. I’ve not actually finished anything since Robert’s boot socks at the beginning of April (I made both of them, hoping that they fit), but I have made good progress on the works I already have in progress. I just need to finished two more to satisfy my complete-three-projects-before-casting-on-another rule before I can cast on something else (and I already have the project in mind – something for my sister-in-law).

This is the progress I’ve made on Gwendolyn (ravelry link). The close-up picture illustrates why you need to block lace – the yarn overs and knitting stitches together makes these hills and valleys that make the project appear smaller than it really is. I assure you, this thing will be ginormous when I’ve finished. I’m loving the angora yarn, the pink color – really, I just love this project. It’s coming along faster than I would have guessed with lace, which is a good thing because it has to retain my interest for many, many more hours.

I’ve also knit most of the first cuff for a pair of socks for Michael. I keep them in my purse, getting in a few rows here and there when I’m waiting for something (which happens a lot these days). I have no pictures of them right now, but I hope to soon.

I had to make an intermission to knit something for Easter. I wanted to make baskets for the people in my chiropractor’s office, since I do seem them a lot. I made soaps and muffins and I filled plastic eggs with dark chocolate covered almonds and blueberries. I also added the cutest knit ducks (pattern link). Here’s one of them:

I made these with several shades of Berroco Plush. I think that any really soft, worsted weight yarn will do. They come together quickly, so you still have time to make a few for your Easter baskets!

The kittens are coming along nicely, too. Muffin made weight (I know, they were just on the bottle!), and the others aren’t far behind. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I am so happy that I got a really healthy litter of kittens. I really needed that, given that my health is so unpredictable.

As for the health, it always goes back and forth. I had some relief after treating the infection, but it seems that my body is tired of fighting. I am tired all the time again (what a surprise), and I have the afternoon incidents where I shake and my heart starts going haywire. Besides freaking out the doctors, the afternoon events seem to have no real effect on me, so I’m not worrying about it. I just can’t anymore. At least the severe hypoglycemic events aren’t happening as often.

I plan to continue working on the knitting, and hopefully I will have finished projects to show soon. Right now, though, we have to work on cleaning up the house – Michael’s brothers are coming on Thursday afternoon, and having a long-term illness isn’t exactly conducive to keeping a clean house. Still, I keep plugging along. I’m sure it will all work out. Right?


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