A Weekend Vacation

Michael and I are in San Francisco again. It’s a relatively short trip (3 nights) because I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling by this point. I’ll just start with the punchline – I’m feeling good again. I’m still looking at this with cautious optimism because I’ve had so many false starts before, but I think it might be different this time.

When I went to Burbank last week, I learned that I had a massive infection. I’ll quantify it for you, like H did for me. The non-cognitive biofeedback machine gives a measure of your response to certain stressors in arbitrary units – an index. A healthy person will respond with a reading of about 1000, and a person who has an acute condition (in this case we’ll refer to viral stressors, since that is my exact problem) will read about 2000. H said that she will see a reading of about 6000 in someone who has had a long-term infection. H sees big infections all the time, so when she told me mine was big, it meant something – I measured at 15,000 on the viral stress response. Here’s the kicker – I had blood tests drawn just two weeks before seeing H, and they showed barely any immune response to the viral stressor.

I brought this information to Dr B, and I did some thinking about this on my own. I mean, why did no one catch it if I had such a massive infection? Not even the allopathic physicians caught this one. H told me that my immune system was just ignoring the infection. I guess it was so overwhelmed that it didn’t even try. If that’s the case, then no matter what virus I have, I’m not making antibodies, so none would show up on a blood test (doctors test for the presence of a virus by measuring the antibodies to that virus in your blood stream). I can buy that. The reason I buy that is this: H gave me a homeopathic medicine to support the immune system’s response to a viral load (Dr B also has a similar product, but without the diagnostic, there was no way he could have known to give it to me).  After I started taking the medicine, I started to feel worse. I know this seems bad, but it’s actually good – my body is finally responding to the infection, trying to fight it off. My throat has been an angry shade of purple for about a week now, and it’s been swollen to the point where I can barely swallow. I’ve had sinus congestion and fevers like no one’s business. As of yesterday, it seems to be clearing up a bit. That may, however, be deceptive – I had to take pseudoephedrine to make it through the flight because the congestion in my ears got downright unbearable when the plane took off and landed, so it may just be the drug making the congestion go away. I plan to continue taking it through my weekend in SF, since there are things I want to get done here, and I don’t have the time to just rest (although I am making sure to pay attention to my limits).

We still have to deal with the hypoglycemia, but I think that the virus can account for the worst of it. Still, this is major progress.

Before I left for the trip, I had to drop the kittens off at the shelter. I am getting them back when I come home on Monday, but I made sure to photograph them just in case. Alas, I cannot post the pictures because the wireless internet connection at the hotel is poor. I should be able to connect a wired connection, but the computer doesn’t recognize it. This sucks.

In any case, I will blog about the trip and post my pictures when I get home. I guess what matters now is that for the first time in a long time, I am up for this. What a relief!


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Vacation

  1. Yay. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. Maybe the med H put you on will bring that infection out of hiding and you can get it cleared up. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

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