Pretty Little Things

Kittens make me happy. Not that this isn’t evident, given that I’ve been writing about the little buggers for something like three years now, but it’s just nice to rediscover something that makes me happy. I am in a complete relapse, save for the insanity, right now. I don’t sleep much at a time, and I don’t feel well. Since I am clear-headed, though, I accepted the shelter’s request that I take some new bottle babies.

The little black ones have a white tip on their tail!

These four kittens are pretty solid for bottle-feeders as they were only separated from their mother Monday morning. A well-meaning person trapped the kittens but didn’t get their mother. While I appreciate what the person was trying to do, trapping just the kittens is counter-productive. First of all, the kittens will fare worse without their natural mother. Sure, I have formula, but nothing beats mother’s milk. Second, now that the mother is without kittens, she will reach a reproductive state sooner and just create more kittens who will need to be rescued. It is always best if you can catch the whole family so that the mother can be spayed and the existing kittens will have the best chance at survival.

Still, I appreciate the opportunity to care for the tiny babies. I’ve really missed fostering. There is something wonderful about holding a warm kitten and convincing him that I am nice. I love the little click-purr the kittens make when they feel satisfied with a full tummy and a warm place to sleep. It’s even better when the kittens are healthy and I don’t have to bathe them at every feeding.

These kittens are as of yet unnamed – I am going to offer the opportunity to some friends, I think. If that doesn’t work out, then I will perhaps open up the naming to my readers! I’ll let you know.

Well, I’m off to admire the little ones while they sleep. We have another feeding in about three hours, and I need to squeeze in a nap, too. Yea, kittens!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things

  1. Yay for kittens! When I first saw them these names popped into my head – Cinders and Embers (the 2 black ones), Ashes for the grey one and Sooty for the black and white one. 🙂 Hope you enjoy every second with them!

  2. Yeah, these little ones are adorable and friendly (except for the girls when you try to potty them – they don’t like that). The click-purr is the best!

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