The Big Apple

I have started traveling again. Not that I am in top form for traveling, but I went to New York City this week because Michael went for business (click here to see him on CNBC), and I didn’t want to pass up to opportunity to go again. He went earlier this year when I first fell ill, and I was just so sad that I couldn’t be there. I was determined not to miss this chance, even if it meant paying a price.

It has occurred to me that I like traveling to big cities to eat. Yes, there are other things to do in these big cities, but in general a restaurant cannot survive in a big city if it is not good. It’s also relatively easy to find things that I can eat. I am supposed to be on a diet consisting of protein and veggies only, but I’ve had to add carbs in to deal with the repeated bouts of hypoglycemia. It’s also harder to eat out when you live in the suburbs because you mostly run into chain restaurants that feature carbs as their primary dishes, with limited selection of food that isn’t in that category. In the cities though, no problem.

The first night we went to a Brazilian restaurant called Ipanema. I was saving myself for dinner that day, eating only what I needed to control my blood sugar before my arrival in NYC. I had their chicken sautee (their spelling) with tropical fruits, french fries, and mashed potatoes. The latter two were not part of my list, but I had been walking a lot and the carbs were very helpful in my recovery. The food was just so good! I went to bed early and happy.

View from the hotel. It’s so high up that the scene looks unreal.

The next day I had trouble waking up at a decent hour. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to return to sleep, and so the end result was about a 2:00pm wake-up time. Still, we managed to get a few things done. First, Michael and I went to the Carnegie Deli. The place has been there forever. We visited the deli on our last trip to New York, back when I lived in San Francisco. I remembered that they had ginormous sandwiches, stuffed with more meat than a reasonable person could handle. This time, I ordered just the contents of the sandwich, no bread. This fit perfectly in my diet:

(click to enlarge)

I had the meat and the pickles in the middle pictures. The Melo Sandwich (the really tall one) was ordered by someone else seated at our table. The deli is just so crowded all the time that customers are squeezed in at cafeteria style tables spaced no farther apart than airline seats. It made for the opportunity to meet some other tourists who came in from Los Angeles. They gave us recommendations about which plays were good to see right now. What luck!

After lunch, Michael and I headed to Times Square to buy theater tickets and just be tourists. The thing that struck me when we arrived in Times Square was the massive volume of advertising. I mean, look at this:

At night, there are so many lights in Times Square that it looks like daylight. It’s just incredible how much advertising surrounds you.

Michael and I chose to see “How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying” starring Daniel Radcliffe. The play also featured John Laroquette and a voiceover by Anderson Cooper. It was nice not to have a preconceived notion of what we wanted to see when we went out, and I’m glad we saw this particular play – I’m not sure I would have chosen it on my own without knowing who was starring in it and without the recommendation from the other tourist at lunch. I will say that it took Daniel Radcliffe a while to warm up, but as the play went on he got a lot better. In the end, there was a large dance number, and I’ll tell you, the guy can dance! He’s a technically good singer as well, but there was something missing from his voice – perhaps some experience or maturity. He’ll get there, I think. All-in-all, I liked the play. Oh, and to the knitters: this play contains knitting!

Michael filmed the segment I linked to in the first paragraph on Wednesday. I thought I’d take some time to find a yarn shop, maybe visit a chocolate shop I had seen on a previous night, and take a gander at a store whose display window was filled with duckies (my new obsession, since I got my kitten) while he was working. Instead, I was startled when my cell phone rang at 3:30pm and Michael said he was coming back to the hotel. I had slept through the day. What’s more, when I woke up, I was sore everywhere. I think I managed to forget for a while that I am still sick.

I loaded up on caffeine and supplements while Michael made his way back to the hotel. Since I was feeling at least able to leave the room, we went to a Spanish restaurant and ate artichokes with garlic and tomatoes in a vinaigrette sauce, a potato casserole, and paella (not exactly good for my diet, but definitely good since we were doing all that walking). Our late arrival at the TKTS office made it impossible for us to see any of the other plays we had considered the day before, so Michael and I opted to go to a comedy club instead. I had a great time there. We were seated front and center, and most of the comedians made fun of my cloak. I was called a high priestess, a wizard, and a Jedi. One guy made reference to rolling dice… if only he knew. I liked one of the comedians – he asked if Michael and I were married. Yes. He then asked how long. Eight years. “How old are you?” he demanded of me. Thirty. “There is no way you’re thirty. I figured nineteen or twenty at the most.” Nice guy.

I had trouble sleeping for more than a few hours that night, even though I fell asleep at 11:30pm. I ended up waking up at 2:30 in the morning and staying awake until I got on the plane. I slept the entire flight home, at least. When we got home, I ate something and laid down on the sofa until about 6:00pm. I’ve been up since.

I’m tired, sore, sleepless, and I have a long day tomorrow. I have to pick up lab work requests from my doctors (there are new theories about autoimmune diseases given that my eyes have been burning for a month and I got a “sunburn” despite not seeing the sun), I’m getting an adjustment, and then I have an appointment for an MRI in the afternoon. I was hoping that I was getting better, but I think this trip just reminded me that I’m still not well. I sincerely hope to recover quickly because my friend Vickie is driving down from Wyoming to see “Avenue Q” with us, and she will be staying through the weekend. She knows what I’ve been through, though, and I know she will understand. Regardless, I want to be able to function.

I have more travel scheduled this month. In two weeks I am going to Los Angeles on a day trip so I can try a new diagnostic procedure. I can’t wait to share what I come out of that with – who knows, maybe it will be that missing answer. I’m also going to San Francisco about a week and a half, maybe two weeks after that. I really need to get better so that these trips don’t kill me. Wish me luck.


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