Goal Progress

I’ve spent this week learning what my limitations are despite my improvement in health. I’ve determined that if I have a big thing I want to accomplish, it has to be first thing in the day – that’s when I have the most energy, my supplements have the greatest effect, and I’m not sore (well, more so than the persistent pain) from trying to do things I’m just not ready for. I can accomplish one “big” thing in a day, but my definition of big had to be altered. Now big means going grocery shopping or assembling the shelves I bought yesterday. It used to mean spending all day painting the house or getting to that tiling project I’ve been excited about. Those things now fall into the “too-big-to-do-right-now” category.

I’ve also made a concerted effort to work on the list of goals I outlined a few days ago. I’ll re-list them here for comment.

  1. Write a book. I have written part of one chapter. It is by no means a complete chapter, but it has been helpful with ironing out all of my feelings about where I just was and where I am going. 
  2. Finish all of my knitting and crochet WIPs. I am almost done with the monkey socks. I decided to focus on something that I could easily bring with me to my appointments so I would have more time to put into the task. When I’m home, I’m trying to focus on cleaning my house. The place can get gnarly when you’ve only really been able to make the most basic things happen for half a year.
  3. Do a wardrobe purge. This one is done! Michael and I both cleaned out our closets this morning, in fact. I had a surprisingly large amount of clothing to donate and an equally shocking pile of things that were too worn to donate and thus had to be trashed. It feels good to be rid of those things.
  4. Blog more often. Well, obviously I am accomplishing this one. I only committed myself to once a week, but I am managing twice. Good for me!
  5. Spin a skein of yarn. I haven’t really put much consideration into this one yet. I have a partially spun bit of roving from a long time ago that I’m hoping to make into the aforementioned skein. I like that I have a head start on the project. The only catch is that I’m not sure that I will be spinning the same way as before. I feel different, and it may affect how the wheel works for me.
  6. Sort out my digital pictures. Yeah, this hasn’t even been on my radar. It will happen, since I want to put pictures on my walls. I also want to upload things to Facebook. I think the limiting factor here is that I cannot stay at my desk for too long – it hurts my back.

Ok, so I’m not useless. Not totally, anyway.

In other news – Duck got a job. I adopted him almost two years ago for his unusual temperament – he’s ultra self-confident, cute as all get-out, and patient with people. I had no idea that he would actually be useful. Here’s what happened:

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I bowl every week in a league. Michael and I didn’t have a pre-organized team, so we were randomly placed with a few guys whom we didn’t know, but who quickly became our friends. The team consisted of a father/son pair (I’ll refer to the father as C and the son as T) and the son’s friend from work, K. This year, K decided not to bowl again, but we gained another teammate, B, whom we also like a lot. The cool thing about the league we are in is that the people  range widely in age. T is in his late 50’s, C is 81, and B is in his 60s or 70s. Michael and I are in our 30s, and there are younger people than us who also bowl. Not unlike the yarn craft community when it comes down to it, except that there are far more men than women in the bowling leagues.

This year, C has been having trouble with his shoulder. After being in pain for months, he finally went to a doctor and got devastating news: he has stage four cancer in his lungs, a rib, his lymph nodes, and his shoulder bone. His wife had also been diagnosed with lung cancer and was given six to nine months to live – that was three years ago.

The last six weeks or so have been exceedingly rough for C. His wife succumbed to the cancer right around the same time he started radiation. His family has come from other parts of the country to take care of him, but it’s a big job. I asked his daughter if I might be able to visit C at home since I hadn’t seen him at bowling in a long time. I thought it might cheer him up to have guests. She thought that would be a nice idea, so I came by on Friday to see how he was doing. When I got in the door, C asked “Did you bring your cats with you?” Had I realized he wanted to see them, of course I would have done so.

I then had a brilliant plan. Duck is a terrible traveler – he actually rolls over on his back when he’s in his carrier and kicks the top of it like a toddler having a temper tantrum all the way to our destination. So I thought maybe Ducky can be an animal assisted therapy cat for a while. He gets the practice making car trips, and C gets the opportunity to snuggle a soft kitty without the responsibility of taking care of it. I might get Buttercup involved, too. She travels just fine, save for the car sickness. Fortunately, C lives only two minutes away (according to my Nav system). Ooh – and maybe I can get to fostering again when we get back from our next business trip, and I can take kittens to C as well! How fun!

It’s a good thing for me, too. I don’t have a lot of energy, but I can certainly knit and talk to C at his house. I understand what he’s going through better than most, given that I’ve been incapacitated for a long time, too. Maybe we can help each other out of our respective rough patches. I think this will be good.


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