Actually Doing Something for a Change

I am happy to report that I have actually gotten started on my goals. I haven’t even needed the motivation of finishing a small task to work on the big ones. The most obvious is that I am making good on my goal to post more often. This is something that has to be sustained, but still, I’m actually putting up another post – it’s step one of many. I also started on a chapter in the book I wanted to write. I’ve gotten an idea for the direction of the title as well – something to do with living in fog. Finally, I’ve started working in earnest on finishing my yarn craft WIPs.

I realized as I was working on the knitting that I haven’t posted a current list of what I’m working on in a while. It’s going to be painful, I fear, but here goes  (you can click to enlarge the pictures):

  1. Everyday Tweed. I realized I was getting low on warm clothing, which is an inexcusable situation for a knitter. I wanted to find a pattern that would be relatively simple, so if I liked it I could use it for more sweaters in different yarns. This one is all knitting, and mostly simple, but I had so much trouble with the yarn. I bought what should have been enough for the whole thing, but it turns out that despite the matching labels, the dye lots on all of the skeins were not the same. I’m trying some fancy color work tricks to hide this subtle but noticeable difference.
  2. Monkey Socks.  I tried several patterns for this particular yarn – I am completely intrigued by Flat Feet yarn. They take sock blanks (basically, small machine knitted rectangles of sock yarn) and dye them in creative patterns and such. I liked the colors in this one, but I hated the way it knit up. After trying and ripping back several attempts, I finally found that the monkey pattern removes some of the ugly from the yarn, and I am happy once again. I’ve already finished one of the socks.
  3. Robert’s Boot Socks. Its been a long time since my brother Robert asked for these socks. I started working on them a bit when he came to visit for Christmas. I realized that part of the problem, besides the fact that Serra and Duck destroyed my first attempt, is that it’s hard for me to make socks without the person for whom I am making them present. I want to be sure they fit before I put all that effort into making two of them. Once I get one that fits, the second should come quickly. The yarn is worsted weight, and it’s not like he’s a big guy or anything.
  4. Beaded Deep Space. I deliberately left this in a crumpled up state for the photograph. While I want to show it off somewhat, I want the finished product to be a genuine surprise for the recipient.  I’m using a modified version of the Cheshire Cat Stole with the Deep Space yarn I fell madly in love with a long time ago. I wanted to give it to a friend when I finished. She still doesn’t know I am making it for her, so she isn’t missing it. Maybe that’s the problem – I don’t have the push I need to work on it.
  5. Crochet Noro Socks. Honestly, I’m not in love with these. I made one because a crocheter at the shop I used to teach at asked if I could teach a class on crochet socks. I made the first sock, but the no one, not even the person who requested the class, signed up. I’m considering just using the yarn for knit socks sometime in the future, an making the crocheted sock into a cat toy or stocking or something.
  6. Cat Couch. I started this in August 2008. I want to make something nice for the cats, and I know they’ll love it. I just can’t seem to manage to keep my focus on it. I think it just doesn’t help that the yarn doesn’t really grab me. It’s an inexpensive acrylic I bought because it was on sale and I know anything that I give the cats will eventually be destroyed. It’s ok that it will be destroyed because it means the cats loved it, but I think the finite nature of its existence when I’ve finished it kind of discourages me.
  7. Colorado Gloves. I had forgotten until I looked on my Ravelry queue why I put these down – I had developed a little carpal tunnel and I just couldn’t knit for awhile. I want to finish them, but the problem with things I’ve designed myself is that if I can’t remember where I was, I can’t just look at a pattern. What’s more, I have no idea where I left this one. I’ll have do some looking in my craft room in the upcoming week.
  8. Hemp Shopping Bag. Eventually, I want to finish this, but there is no urgency because I have plenty of store bought ones. The bags from Safeway don’t hold up well, but the ones I got at Whole Foods do hold up well (plus, if they ever do break, Whole Foods will replace them for free). Again, something I designed myself.
  9. Spiral Rug. This one should be easy to finish. It’s all garter stitch, I get to change yarns often (it holds my interest), and there isn’t that much left to do. It’s when I get to the part where I have to sew it up that I will be struggling. I so hate sewing.
  10. Beach Skirt. This is the one I dreamed about not long before I got really sick. I need to finish it soon if I want it to fit my niece. I did, at least, make it larger than I thought she would need it to be since I anticipated her growing more before I finished it (see, thinking ahead).
  11. Gwendolyn. No, the picture isn’t fuzzy – the yarn is. I had a lot of this pink angora yarn in my cabinet for awhile, but I had no idea what I was going to do with it. At some point I decided to make a shawl of some sort, but then I discovered the lace pattern took more focus than I had. Ah, well. It’ll come back.
  12. Ryan’s Afghan. My friend Ryan asked me to make him a warm afghan out of acrylic yarn. He had no real idea of what it should look like, he just wanted to have something for the chilly San Francisco weather. I started it, but I never even got so far as to put it in my Ravelry queue. Mostly, this is an exercise in crochet intarsia. I wanted to try something new, and what better way to use up smaller balls of yarn?
  13. An exercise in Mitered Squares. This isn’t exactly a project. I was fooling around with making mitered squares, and trying to see how I would join them up to make something. I have no idea what that something is, mind you, but I just wanted to try. I was using up some yarn that I only had in small quantities. I will probably give this to Duck when I’ve finished learning what I want to know.
  14. Knitting Guild Master’s Project. I ordered the curriculum while I was still working at the yarn shop. Somewhere between my acquisition of Duck, working, laying the hardwood floors, and getting sick after all of that, I just never really worked on it. This one differs from the Crochet Guild Master’s Project in that they give you as long as you want to finish it. You just have to ask for the updated version of the test every year. Mine has been in this plastic bag for about a year and a half. <ugh>

I’m trying to see the theme with the projects I’ve left for a long time. For the most part, it appears I reached a stumbling block and gave up. A lot of my problem is that I haven’t really had the focus to get serious about knitting for the last seven months. I honestly believe that my desire to get to this has something to do with my body finally but slowly healing. It seems my illness totally warped my personality. Normally, I view a road block as an opportunity to learn something, and I rise to the challenge readily. Since I got sick, I just got frustrated with everything and I started giving up.  I’ve had a few good hours in most days since I last posted. I’ve been working closely with my doctors, tweaking the supplements as things change. I think I’ll get there, both with the health and this list. Right now, I think I need to go lie down.


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