Knittin’ and… Video Games?

I still haven’t the energy to do anything too exciting about my knitting or my kittens, let alone post about it (but I have, at least, gotten to the owl part of my Owls sweater). I found my camera, by the way, and I have every intention of photographing my sweater for the next post. I’m mostly posting because I saw couple of things that I just had to share with my yarn people.

There are at least two new video games out with a fibery theme:

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Crafting Mama.

I was under the mistaken impression that there just wasn’t a whole lot of crossover between the knitting and video games crowds. I wouldn’t have guessed that there was crossover between the yarn craft and bowling crowd, either, but there is at least another woman in my league who crochets between turns. I also met a crocheter at Tacticon. We’re everywhere!

For those of you who are following the uphill battle with my health, I have just a little news. I went to the neuro-endocrinologist, and he did find a few things. I tip to the left when I walk with my eyes closed. He says that points to a mid-brain issue. He was also concerned about my low blood pressure, so he prescribed a supplement with licorice root in it. Normally, licorice root will raise blood pressure, but of course I cannot be normal – it dropped mine. I was taken off the supplement today. I’ll be very interested in what he has to say about it when I see him later this week. I have a feeling I’m going to hear the five word phrase that every doctor seems to say to me lately: “I’ve never seen that before.”

Wish me luck that this can be solved.


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