If I try

Some good news – I’m having longer periods of time wherein I am myself. Not just a reflection of who I was. I need dietary supplements to stay that way, but I’m me. I’m ok. For just a little while at a time.

While I was sick (and just a little before) I made this:

I will try to reproduce it so I can write down the pattern. I have no idea what to call it, but it’s the last thing I made for a very long time. I wish I had gotten a picture of someone wearing it before I gave it away, but that’s the beauty of making something of my own design – in theory, I can reproduce it.

I also managed to acquire something beautiful that someone else made:

A pile of wonderful little kittens! Disregard the fact that I look like hell – I’ve been through a lot lately. The kittens are all gaining weight and making messes, just as they should. Two of them are under-socialized, but those are my favorite sort. Well, those and bottle-feeders, but I am taking what I can get right now.

It’s a start. I’m still hanging in there.


4 thoughts on “If I try

    • Yep, it’s a scarf. I gave it to the chiropractor’s wife. They are for some reason impressed with my yarn craft, and so help me I like it when someone appreciates my art. So I give them handmade things, since I know they will appreciate them.

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