Lost for so long

Yes, I know, another extended absence. For about a month I only managed to get about four and a half hours of sleep per night, so I started to suffer the effects of severe sleep deprivation. I couldn’t focus on anything really – I’ve simply played hundreds of games of FreeCell on my computer. I have been so unhappy, so unable to do anything. Then suddenly, last night, I got a full night’s sleep – and I feel amazing today! I stopped taking my thyroid medication about a week ago since I am now being over-medicated, and I think that was the source of the crippling inability to sleep. I do think that my health will be a roller-coaster ride for awhile, but I also think that in the long-run it will be just plain better.

So, today is another special day for the cat members of the household. Buttercup and Wesley turn nine years old today. I know their birthday for certain because we obtained them from one of Michael’s professors in grad school. His professor thought her cat, Josie, was spayed because she had a scar on her abdomen, but when she let the cat outside, she came home with five little surprises – two torties, two greys, and a dilute tortie. Lucky me! We adopted our first cats from the professor, and everything snowballed from there. I think with the 229 kittens who have passed through our house, we’re officially crazy-cat people. And Michael thought he wasn’t a cat person…

Even though I’ve been back from San Francisco for some time now, I don’t have any foster kittens. I feel very bad about this, but I also realized that when I felt so unwell, in the particular way that I felt unwell, that I would be a pretty bad mother. Patience is probably the most valuable skill in fostering, and I had none. Nor had I the ability to pay attention to detail, the second most valuable skill. I think my conscience couldn’t take it if I accidentally killed a kitten. 😦

Although my ability to work has been erratic, I have accomplished some yarncraft. I made this basket:

I’ve also been working on a crochet scarf for which, if it comes out well, I will write out the pattern and sell it on Ravelry. I have yet to photograph the scarf, but I will once I am sure I’ve worked out the details to my liking. It’s decorative, as opposed to a functional winter scarf. I am currently trying to decide on what sort of edging I want to put around the whole thing. There will be pictures when I finish, I promise.

Unfortunately, that’s it for now. If I continue to sleep well, I plan to get kittens and produce more yarn goodness. Wish me luck!


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