Sweet Relief

I’ll start with the good news – I actually slept a full night last night! I’m thinking that the sheer exhaustion of the day (or maybe the weekend) just caught up to me. Or maybe it was something else. I have some suspicions.

Yesterday was an extraordinarily stressful day. After the sleepless holiday weekend, I had to wake up early to get a chiropractic adjustment. I really don’t mind doing that, especially because the adjustments make me feel better and improve my mood a bit. I was actually looking forward to it, in fact, because sleeping upright made my back hurt a lot. So, I went to my appointment and described my weekend to the doctor. “We are going to learn a lot from you,” he told me. It was such a poignant comment to me because my friend Lane told me just days before, as I was sobbing to her about just how awful it is to have these odd medical issues keep cropping up, that I am “making better doctors.” In any case, that adjustment was amazing – there was a lot of scary cracking and popping, but when I sat up, I knew something was very different. Good different.

I went back home afterward and handled a few business items. I checked Wesley’s gums (he’s had an infection for a little while now), and since they were no better after 2 weeks on antibiotics, I called the vet. They asked me to bring him in – great, another task for the day. Because Wesley needed to go to the doctor, that meant Michael would need me to take him to work so I could have the car. As a side note, I really wanted to avoid buying a second car, but I think it’s becoming apparent that we have to <sigh>. I tried to nap before I took them guys to their respective destinations, but no dice. I tried to pack for the trip, but for some reason I had a hard time making myself do it. I just really didn’t want to travel again.

After Michael and Wesley made their respective appointments, I again tried to pack. Again, I just couldn’t focus on the task. I had some green tea (it seems to have some some good effect on the congestion) and sat in front of the computer. I dawdled forever, and only managed to finish packing when it was becoming imminent that we had to leave. For the record, I don’t recommend this method of packing. I managed to forget a whole lot of things, including my tennis shoes. I was wearing heels that I can easily slip on and off at the airport, and just forgot. It’s not a good thing when you’re going to a city where the best mode of transportation is generally walking. Schiesse.

The shoe thing really came back to bite me when we got to the airport. The garage was shockingly full and we had to hike a greater distance than we usually do to get inside. I wasn’t happy about that. When we got inside, the airport had closed the security gates nearest to us, so we had to walk all the way across the (really huge) terminal to get to another set of them. My feet were just killing me at this point – I hadn’t anticipated that much walking. It’s never been that way before. Then, we got to security. I think we’ve established how I feel about airport security. I managed to forget that I left my good sewing scissors in my knitting bag, so the TSA confiscated them. They said I could ship them back to myself at an for an exorbitant fee, but I realized it would be cheaper to replace them. That incident really didn’t help my mood.

We trudged to the gate for our flight, only to learn the flight was delayed. There had been weather problems somewhere that delayed earlier flights, so ours was the victim of cascade effects. The plane that was supposed to pick us up landed maybe 5 minutes later than it was supposed to, so I really didn’t think it was a big deal. About  20 minutes later, the gate attendants informed us that they were still deplaning the last group, but we would get to go soon. About another 15 minutes later, the attendants informed us that they were short a flight attendant and had to wait for her to get there. It wasn’t long after that two passengers waiting for the flight we were supposed to be on got into a brawl. There was a lot of yelling and name calling, and because I was in a bad mood, I was secretly wishing they would just punch each other already. (I know, it’s not very nice of me. I haven’t exactly been proud of my thoughts and behavior this past week.) In the meantime, there was a long line of standbys waiting at the gate to be assigned seats on our flight. Fortunately for them, there were quite a few open seats. After getting about half way through the line, a gate attendant made another announcement. “We’re off the clock now, so you’re going to have to wait until someone else gets here.” The gate attendant made one call for help, then just left, not bothering to ensure that someone actually bothered to answer her call. The missing flight attendant arrived, but we couldn’t get moving because there were now no gate attendants. Another passenger flagged down someone who appeared to be a security guard at some point, and asked him for help. He made a few calls for more gate attendants, but it took a long time for anyone to get there. About an hour past our original departure time, we were finally able to start boarding.

Let’s not forget, however, that there was still a long line of people who still wanted to get on our flight. While the attendants boarded those of us with tickets, other attendants were busy assigning seats. We waited in the plane, at the gate, for another hour while they processed displaced passengers. Our original departure time was 9:30pm. I was already tired before we got on the plane, but the delay completely wasted me. We finally took off around 11:30pm.I remember a time when the airlines would compensate passengers for having to deal with that sort of ordeal. Instead, the flight attendants just got on and started making announcements about all the crap you could buy from them. Really? We’re all tired – leave us alone.

At least the flight itself happened without incident. We landed at SFO around 1:30am. I know it wasn’t his fault, but I was vaguely peeved that the captain said he hoped we’d enjoyed the flight and that we’d patronize the airline again.  Bitterly, Michael and I dragged our exhausted bodies to luggage claim. While waiting, I had another “incident”. I was minding my own business, standing near our carry-on bags, when I suddenly found myself in the worst pain I’ve felt in a long time. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it in my throat, and the pain in my chest was so intense that I couldn’t move. It wasn’t long before everything started to hurt and I started to sweat. I had gotten nauseated near the end of the flight, and I wasn’t so sure I wasn’t going to vomit right there at baggage claim. I began to fear that I wasn’t going to get to the hotel at all, that we would have to stop at the hospital first. Fortunately, after our bags arrived, the pain subsided to the point where I decided I could just live with it for the night and see what happened when I had some rest.

We got to the hotel around 2:00am. I hadn’t been able to sleep on the plane (a feat that I used to be able to accomplish on a regular basis), and I was still in moderate pain, so all I managed was to collapse into bed. Somehow, I didn’t wake up until 10:30 this morning. I was surprised to realize that I actually feel ok. I wasn’t sitting up, and still managed not to wake up coughing. The full night’s sleep has also affected my mood – I’m not quite as surly as I’ve felt for the last little while (well, reliving yesterday didn’t help, but I’m talking more about the big picture). Maybe I’ll make it through the week. Right now though, I need to go find some lunch and some tennis shoes. One thing at a time.


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