My weekend didn’t go so well. The medication that made me nauseated by the last update on my last post also turned my hands yellow by the next morning. I first thought my hands were dirty, but when I washed them it didn’t go away. I then realized the yellow color was actually in my skin – jaundice. I’ve decided I’m not taking any synthetic medication anymore – I can’t handle the side effects.

From the years I spent too sick to really achieve the lofty goals I set for myself, I’ve learned how to remain somewhat productive despite everything. I am naturally a very driven person, and when I’m well I can be a force of nature. For several weeks I had a taste of what being healthy is like, and now that I’m sick again, I feel cheated. Being who I am, I was not about to let simple (ok, complex) illness stand in my way. This time, I took my motivation from a surprising source.

While I wait for my appointments at the chiropractor’s office, I knit. Is this a surprise, really? It’s kind of a great thing, since it makes a conversation starter for other people in the waiting room. The doctor has also taken an interest in my knitting, asking me basic things about the mechanics of the craft, and lately, about projects he’s seen me working on in the past. I’m not used to medical professionals who actually pay attention like that (it’s a good sign if you ask me). When I came to the office on Thursday, I was working on a scarf. The doctor asked me what happened to the christening gown I was working on, so I informed him that I was a promiscuous knitter and that I had put it down for awhile. The startled laugh he reacted with actually made me feel guilty for my knitting infidelity. My shame inspired me to do this:

Yeah, I finished it. I knit 10 hours a day from Thursday until Sunday (very late night), and then I sewed it up today. I’m going back once more before I leave for San Francisco tomorrow, so I’ll bring it in for the office staff to see. It’s also going to San Francisco with me so I can show the owner of the shop where I bought the yarn for the project – she did ask for pictures, after all.

After all that work, I calculated what this thing is worth. If I figured the wage I get for teaching (I still teach in San Francisco when I go) times the number of hours I put in, it’s worth over $2,000. This one is going in the carry-on bag.

I finished a few other projects today as well.

Michael brought these guys (and Mulan, who managed to avoid my camera somehow) back to the shelter this morning. They have all made weight, and will be adoptable as soon as they have their spay/neuter surgeries! The top two have been renamed Lilly and Jackson, and they have an adopter, a lovely woman recommended to me by my vet’s office.

In times like this, when I am sick and feeling completely useless, I am glad I keep this blog. It keeps reminding me how skillful I’ve gotten at making lemonade out of the lemons life keeps handing me.


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