Really Bad Days

Edits will be added to the bottom as this unfolds.

Since I started getting treated by the chiropractor, my health has changed for the better. I wake up earlier, I rarely need a mid-day nap, I’m not always inflamed anymore… These are major improvements that have left me more rested, happier, and over-all healthier.

Well, at least I was better. Since taking the birth control pills out of my system, I’ve had an unfortunate side effect. Apparently birth control pills tend to have a diuretic, and the effect of which was to treat edema that I didn’t even know I had. When I removed the diuretic, I started to gain water weight. It isn’t good, but it’s manageable. What isn’t manageable is the additional tendency for fluid to accumulate in my lungs when I am lying horizontally or exerting myself. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was in San Francisco, but none of the controller medications did anything more than give me a painful throat infection. The only thing that ever worked is Claritin D.

So, it’s a simple fix, right? Nope. Since my body has changed, I’m much more sensitive to the pseudoephedrine, which is the active ingredient that makes me able to breathe. Now, in addition to the good effect of being able to breathe, I have the really, really bad side effect of not being able to sleep. I was up until 7am today, and I awoke at 10:15am (so, with only 3.5 hours of sleep) unable to get any more rest. I now can’t function.

My choices aren’t good. I can either be unable to breathe when I lie down or engage in physical activity, or I can breathe, but I can’t sleep. In the end, I don’t get restful sleep with either option. With the pulmonary fluid accumulation, I wake up frequently to catch my breath. With the medication, I simply cannot sleep unless I am in an extreme state of exhaustion, and even then for only a few hours. What makes this worse is that we are traveling to San Francisco next week, and I don’t think I can function in this state. I’m at a loss about what to do. I’ve called the doctor’s office, but since this is a holiday weekend, they’re trying to tie up loose ends and then get out of there. I don’t blame them for that. No one was available to answer the phone when I called, so I had to leave a message. They won’t be open again until Tuesday, when I have to leave for our trip. I really don’t want to feel like this when I am away from home. <insert hysterical sobbing here>

I’ll let you know how this plays out.

1:30pm – The chiropractor called back and suggested that I describe my problem to my primary care physician and ask for something that will have the effect I need, but won’t keep me awake. We had to leave a message there, and no one has called back yet. If we don’t hear back, the next plan is to go to the Urgent Care Clinic.

4:00pm (ish): The doctor traditional doctor called my husband back and recommended Zyrtec. I have my doubts because it doesn’t have the decongestant, which is the only reason I am taking the Claritin.

2:00am: The Zyrtec made me nauseated and it didn’t solve the fluid problem. Great, two reasons not to get a good night’s sleep.


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