The Week in Boston

When I last posted, I mentioned that I was going to Boston for a week. I did hope I’d find some time to blog while I was out, but for some reason (that I figured out later and will get to at the end) it had become increasingly harder for me to focus enough to write a coherent post. I guess it doesn’t matter now, since I’m doing it from home, but I do wish that I was able to get on this sooner.

I’ve been to Boston before. Massachusetts is one of the original colonies, so there is a lot to see in the way of history, particularly relating to the Revolutionary War. Alas, I didn’t do any of the historical touristy stuff this time. I did, however, get around the city enough to photograph some of its character.

Let’s start with the hotel. We stayed in a boutique hotel, paid for by Michael’s work. It’s the same hotel we stayed in on the last trip to Boston, in fact. This hotel has a unique style.

Note the choice in bed covering – bold, no?

This is what they offered in the way of a bathrobe – wild.

The night we landed, Michael and I decided to visit a seafood restaurant we visited the last time we were in town. I still don’t like seafood, but I figured with the diet and all, it made sense to give the place another shot. The food was cooked well, I’m sure, but I still wasn’t able to really like it. I’m trying. Really.

While we were out, I noticed white horses and carriages everywhere. In fact, there were also quite a few younger, adult-like people wearing formal attire. I can only figure that it was prom season.

For the rest of the week I toured the city, but mostly with the search for local yarn shops in mind. I believe that the artistic mood of a yarn crawl helped me notice something I may not have otherwise – the architecture. Some of the buildings that were in use at the time of the Revolutionary War are still maintained and used for tourism purposes. Some of the older buildings are just moss-covered. What struck me the most, though, is the juxtaposition of the old and new buildings.

The reason I really wanted to go to Boston this time had nothing to do with Boston at all. It had everything to do with Sara. She and I met here, through my blog. I learned about nine months ago that she was expecting a new baby, so I set about making a baby blanket from wool I spun myself. The drive from Boston to Sara’s place wasn’t all that long, so we made the side trip to deliver the blanket.

Already, the little guy is wrapped up in my handiwork!

We played Dungeons and Dragons at Sara’s house the first night, then simply hung out with her the next day. I really wish I had her drive – she made efforts to clean her house when we were coming over, even though she just had the baby on the previous Monday. I insisted that she needn’t worry about us, but she did anyway. It was so very cool to meet someone who was a complete stranger to me before I started writing online. She’s just as wonderful as I hoped she would be. Yea, internet friends!

I also finished a little something from my long list of yarn craft WIPs:

The Razor Cami. I used Arucania Ranco Multy, in color 309. I bought the yarn at a point when I felt I needed to broaden the color variety in my yarn stash. I bought 2 skeins of the same dye lot at the same time, and yet they were very different. When you click on the picture, you can see that the top inch of the camisole and the arm straps are a slightly different color than the rest of the body. I can’t decide if this is an artifact of the fact that the yarn is hand-dyed, or if someone maybe switched a label at some point. The pattern called for a contrast color at the top anyway, but I wanted the thing to be a single color. Maybe I’ll get my wish on the next one. For what it’s worth, I chopped my head out of the picture here for the same reason I didn’t post a photograph of me with Sara – I look particularly terrible in all the pictures taken of me that week.

I think the reason I looked terrible is that I felt a little bad, health-wise. At the hotel’s steak restaurant, I told the waiter that I have a dairy allergy, and I assumed the fact that he went through the menu with me to show me what was dairy free meant he understood. I ate my steak and asparagus, and as I got back to my room, I had a swollen throat and an upset stomach. They didn’t take me seriously. It’s the first time this happened since I started the new diet, but honestly I’m shocked that it hasn’t happened more often, given the sheer amount of traveling we’ve been doing.

I also learned one more thing I am allergic to: my birth control pills. The reaction was identical to the reaction I had to dairy. I can directly connect the weeks that I felt bad, even those on the cleanse diet, with the times I was taking the pills. They made me feel inflamed, tired, and sore, and they left me unable to get rest while I slept. Another odd bit – they made it impossible to adapt my circadian rhythms to the  Eastern time zone. I was waking up at 8:00am in Mountain time, and 10:00am Eastern time, without fail. As soon as I got home and realized the pills were making me sick, I stopped taking them. Within three days of discontinuing the pills, all of the symptoms disappeared. I started waking up earlier – this morning I woke up at 5:15am, feeling great. Why couldn’t I have figured this out before I traveled? In a few weeks we’re going back to Eastern time (a long business and family visiting trip, which I will try to blog about now that I am healthy enough to do so), so I’ll see how I fare then. I am willing to bet that I adapt much better this time.


2 thoughts on “The Week in Boston

    • Yep. They may even be the cause of the other allergies. Apparently there are some lawsuits now against the makers of Yaz for this very problem. It seems to screw around with women’s immune systems. Fabulous.

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