Finishing a few things

After I really absorbed my last post, I was overwhelmed. So many projects that I’ve undertaken have just gone uncompleted. Before I started getting better, I’d have seen this list and just given up. Maybe I would have gotten a bucket of ice cream and parked myself on the couch. Even more likely, I’d have cast on a new knitting project, precisely because I don’t need another in the works. Either way, I’d have seen it as doom.

This time, I managed to see the list as a challenge. I know I can complete these things, I just need to do it. I’m better now. Sure, I’m not 100% better, but I have more hours in my day, and while I can’t take on anything too physically demanding, I can certainly get some knitting and organizing done. No excuses, just action. Roar.

I finished the dishcloth and Michael’s socks within days of one another. Now I feel like I have enough dishcloths to get me through a few more months, so I shouldn’t be casting on any more of these for myself. If any of the people I supply with dishcloths runs out (for example, my sister-in-law), well, then I might make more.

Michael was pretty pleased with his new socks. Now that we live somewhere that it snows (apparently all year round these days), we’ve learned to appreciate wool socks over cotton. I intend to supply both of us with at least a week’s supply of socks, but it takes time. This first pair for Michael gave him great joy – he put the socks on immediately, happily remarking that they fit perfectly. At least my hard work doesn’t go unappreciated.

Since we’re leaving for Boston soon, I had to get the kittens in stable enough condition to be moved. They were all so sick for so long, just like all the other cats I’ve gotten this year. I’m pleased that this time, at least, I didn’t lose any.

I feel like a bad person for this, but I am ready to be done with Persephone. She is a wonderful cat to people. She’s very affectionate, and she loves to snuggle in our laps. She’s also a great mother, very attentive to the needs of the kittens, even when she’s sick. The thing is, she is the most cat reactive cat I’ve ever fostered. On at least five separate occasions, she darted past us to get out of the kitten room and chase my cats. Most mothers would just make sure the invaders were chased away from the vicinity of the nest, but not Persephone. Oh, no, she’s mean. She hunted my cats with such a single-minded focus that I have no doubt she could catch and kill prey. She, in all her seven pound glory, took Serra and all of her seventeen pounds down. Fortunately I was able to break up the fights without injury to myself, but the cat hunting was just not acceptable behavior. It would have even been OK if it had just happened once, but Persephone actually made it her goal to look around me and see if she could see a cat, even one minding its own business, to viciously attack. She will be going to a single cat household when she’s done being a mom.

Veggie and Janina were pretty easy kittens. Once Janina learned to eat, she started to grow and play like a normal kitten. I’m glad I got Veggie, too, because he still needed a mommy. Persephone cleaned him up really well so he started to get super cute. These two should move on to their forever homes very soon!

The little kittens had some trials. For some reason Pomegranate stayed healthy while his sisters got very, very sick. The girls’ noses got so plugged up they couldn’t eat, so I had to administer fluids and force-fed meals to them many times a day. Winter got sick first, followed by Summer. Summer bounced back after a few days, eating like her life depended on it. Winter just had no interest in eating. I could get her to drink milk, but only a few mouthfuls at a time. Otherwise, all she did was sleep. The differences in the kittens are staggering.

These two were identical in size when I originally picked them up. Winter is the same size she was three weeks ago, but Pomegranate is so much bigger. He’s really handsome, too. It’s hard to believe I couldn’t tell them apart when I first got them.

He has the prettiest face!

Winter should look just like Pomegranate. She should have a fluffy, soft face. She should have a chubby belly. Her eyes should be bright and clear. But that’s not how it is.  If you click on the pictures, you can see that Winter’s eyes are very cloudy. She seems to be blind, but I think it’s temporary. On the first day of her turn for the better, Winter bumped into things when she walked and cried when she wandered away from the rest of her family. Today, she seems to notice shapes. Young kittens really do have a remarkable ability to heal after a serious illness. She may always have special needs, but it may not be as bad as it seems right now.

At least her eyes no longer look dead.

Summer gave up a for a few days, but she managed to make a swift recovery. She is still noticeably smaller than Pomegranate, but she doesn’t seem to have the other damage that Winter incurred.

She is gonna break someone’s heart – I just know it!

I can’t claim to understand why the babies turned out so differently from one another. They share genes. For goodness’ sake, Winter and Pomegranate look just alike! They just have such different immune systems.

Speaking of immune systems – the doctor has finally gotten around to working on mine. I am on a new supplement that contains resveratol, a compound found in red wine. When the doctor gave me the supplement he said, “This will either make you feel really bad or really good. Either way, call me and we’ll adjust the treatment.” On the bright side, it made me feel really good. I managed to eat something I am sensitive to today (either there was hidden dairy in my food or I have a soy sensitivity), and the reaction wasn’t as bad as it generally is. I’m still avoiding the things I know make me ill, but a reduced reaction is a good sign in my book.

I’m still not supposed to have caffeine, and I can eat rice only rarely, but I have tried both of them with no side effects. That part, is at least good. I really think this diet was worth my time.

Now I am going to wrap up a few more things before we head out for our trip. The kittens are going back early in the morning so I have time to take care of the loose ends around the house. It’s nice to be finishing things rather than starting them!


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