Beginning Treatment

Now that the cleanse is over, my doctors are starting me on the treatment part of the whole diet business. I am allowed to add everything on the “no” list back, one every few days, except for a few things: dairy (but I do get butter back for some reason!) caffeine, alcohol, sugars, grains, and starches like corn and white potatoes. I added steak back to my diet yesterday. I have to wait a day or two, then I can add something else. I am thinking eggs, because they are useful in many recipes. The reason I have to wait a few days is that we are looking for bad reactions to the food, from aches and pains, to inflammation, hives, or diarrhea. This should weed out the things I am allergic to or can’t digest for whatever reason.

The other part of the treatment is the addition of supplements. To start with, I am taking really high doses of vitamin D in order to get the receptors in my body to actually accept it. I only have to do this for a short time, then I take a smaller dose for maintenance. I am still taking an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory cream several times per day, as well as a supplement for adrenal support and one for sugar metabolism support. I am taking far fewer pills a day now – only eleven, plus my regular meds. I know it seems like a lot still, but it’s not as much as I originally had to deal with.

So far, I feel ok on the supplements. Not much has changed yet, but I only took the first dose last night. I did sleep really, really well though., with lots of very involved dreams. I think I woke up maybe just once, and the cats may have had something to do with it – it’s hard to tell.

The dietary change made me very, very happy. Michael and I went out for steak, and it was the best steak I’ve ever had. Admittedly, it probably wasn’t the preparation that was so good, just the first taste of beef in a long time. It was one of the few meals I’ve eaten recently that made me feel full. So good. So happy.


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