A Tough Week

Last week was pretty rough for me. I can’t decide if I was just exhausted from the travel, or if something else had gone wrong, but I took a backslide. I still woke up earlier than I had been (except for one day, but I think that I had been up late, so it made sense), but I went back to needing naps. These are different though – I had about eight hours after I woke up until I got to the “must sleep now” phase. I stuck to the diet strictly, with only one mishap. I got some uncured bacon that I thought was turkey, but it turned out to be pork. It was in the turkey bacon section at the grocery store! We didn’t figure it out until we had eaten the “turkey bacon” and decided it was the best bacon we had ever had and would not be returning to pork bacon. Oops. It was only 2 slices, nothing to worry about (I suspect), but still, it happened. It was the day after I started needing naps again, so I don’t believe that the bacon was the cause.

But, today is the last day I am on the cleanse portion of the treatment plan. This afternoon I am going to the doctor to see what they are going to add back to my diet, and what new supplements they want me to take. I’ll be sure to post about it.

The last day we were in Puerto Rico, it rained all day. We spent some time on the beach reading (mostly the newspaper comics that I finally caught up with!), but we had to do it under an umbrella because it was raining most of the time. We did find a good restaurant that served a dish called “mofongos”, which consists of mashed plantain cooked in olive oil and garlic, and stuffed with meat and a few veggies. I rather liked it.

The day after we got back was the last day I had the high energy-level. I got a lot of errands completed, including picking up kittens. Here’s what I have:

This is Persephone. I wanted to call her something with “purr” in the name because she is always purring when I see her.

She was spayed at the shelter when she was very pregnant. Here’s something I just learned that most people don’t know: most shelters, including “No-Kill” shelters, spay pregnant cats. They have no regard for whether the kittens might have been born in a few days or not. I don’t have inordinate anger at this particular shelter for what they did – it’s standard practice. It’s the systemic acceptance of this procedure that I take issue with. The procedure is gruesome (don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you can’t stand the thought) – they put the mother under for spay surgery, euthanize each kitten in utero, then remove the uterus and all the kittens along with the ovaries.

I truly can understand a shelter spaying a pregnant cat if it’s early on in the pregnancy – it’s the late-term pregnant spay that I can’t stomach. These mother cats still make milk. They could still nurse kittens. This is how I ended up with Persephone – she had milk, and some motherless kittens came to the shelter, so they got her to surrogate the kittens.

Meet Summer, Winter, and Pomegranate. I named them for the Persephone mythology.

While I was picking up these kittens from the shelter, a volunteer came in to tell the foster coordinators that one of the kittens in the back had not been eating, despite what others said on her card. The kitten had been putting her head in the food bowl and pushing food out, but she hadn’t actually eaten anything in four days. Getting reluctant kittens to eat is my specialty, so I took her, too. Her name is Janina. She was a bit loud at first (because her tummy hurt!), and my friend Julie swore that she had a New York accent like our friend Janina. The human Janina was amused by this thought, so the name stuck.

Isn’t she cute? She looks like she could belong to Persephone.

Janina had to be quarantined from the other kittens for the first couple of days because she hadn’t quite finished her Panleuk quarantine. It would be a shame to infect healthy kittens, so we kept her in the playpen in the office until the quarantine was over. The thing is, she needed a roommate. I asked the shelter to get me another kitten her size, and they came up with Veggie.

Pretty rough-looking, no? He’s benefitted from living with a mom cat.

He was a little bony,  but otherwise very sweet. The little guy is now gaining weight and bouncing around with little Janina.

It took me only about twenty-four hours to get Janina eating on her own. I don’t think she liked dry food, and I believe that’s all she was offered. A little baby food (chicken) and a little spoon-feeding was all it took to get her chowing down on her own. I bottle fed Janina on the first day just to get something into her stomach. The bottle-feeding didn’t last long – she like to eat now!

I felt like I got nothing done last week, but reading what I just wrote here, I feel like maybe more happened than I realized. The house still isn’t cleaned (well, I actually got the kitchen thoroughly cleaned), I’m still not done with the laundry or anything else really. Maybe I just haven’t given myself enough credit. I need to learn to do that.


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