On the 11th Day

It’s been eleven days since I started the cleanse diet. Today was the official half-way point. I seriously hate chocolate as of right now. The supplement that I take three times a day now has gotten old. Really old. Not that I liked the vanilla version either, but I wasn’t on three servings a day with that one either.

I attended my friend Jen’s wedding this morning. I did take a nap today, but it was different than the naps I took before. I fell asleep while reading the comics (yes, I still read a newspaper), but only for about half an hour. When I awoke, I was completely refreshed. I can believe that it was the sun that really did me in.

I also should mention that I called an audible today. When I went to the Chiropractor last week, they were utterly shocked to learn I was being so strict with the diet. I guess most people don’t stick to it too well? In any case, I made a choice to eat one – just one – bite of wedding cake today. I feared that taking the one bite might set me off on a binge, but I can honestly say I was not tempted to do any more. Not only that, but it had absolutely no effect on me. I hope this means that gluten isn’t really a problem.

There was one odd thing, though. Michael and I both broke out into hives after eating some almond butter we purchased here in Florida. I’m positive it was the almond butter. I am planning to call the company and tell them that it has to be contaminated with something nasty. The thing is, Michael doesn’t have food allergies, and even if he did, what are the odds that we are both allergic to the same food, and that we developed the allergy at the same time, after eating almond butter every day for the last ten days. Not good, I say.

I have absolutely no reason to cheat for the last ten days of the diet, so I believe I will make it through the rest just fine.

I took the videos at the wedding, so hopefully I have something to share when I get a chance to edit them. We are heading to Puerto Rico in the morning, so I won’t have time then, but definitely soon.

Ten more days. I can do this. I hope.


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