So Close

First things first – today was the last day of bowling league. We were in first place coming into it. We won the first game by a comfortable margin. Then we lost the second game by one pin. We lost the third by a lot more than that. The second game was my worst game in a long time. I feel pretty guilty about that. By winning the first game, though, we did lock up second place. Not so bad for our first year.

I returned the kittens to the shelter earlier today (you should definitely click these to make them bigger).

I miss them already. Neutrino will be absolutely fine. Fudge just started to eat yesterday, and she is finally growing at a good rate. I just couldn’t get the boys to eat, which is a shame, since no one really wants to deal with kittens who don’t eat. They may be at the shelter still when I get back. So close.

I made it through the first week of my diet. It was hard at first, but now I’m kind of used to it. I was easily able to turn down cake at bowling tonight. I found a lot of things I hadn’t really tried to eat before. I even tried to get used to fish. To be fair, I found some I could tolerate, but nothing I would choose if I had any other choices.

I have to go now and pack for the trip to Florida and Puerto Rico. I’m also going to try to get over not achieving my bowling goal. Hopefully I’ll post during the trip. Look for me!


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