The Worst is Over

I think the worst is over with the diet. After the first two days, I actually have times of day when my primary thoughts are not about food. I’m not so tired as I have been either. On Friday, I woke up at 8:00am and only took a nap at 3:00pm because, while I didn’t need it, I felt like I could still use one. On Saturday, I woke up at 9:30am and didn’t need a nap at all. I have more hours in my day now, and I am actually productive during those hours. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still wasting some time in front of the TV. I knit while I watch, though, so it wasn’t completely wasted. Bottom line – so far, I’m seeing results. Now if I can just get the grey hair to go away…

I intend to compare pictures at the end of the six months to see how it’s changed.

Since I am full of so much motivation, I’ve gotten a few things done that I’ve been putting off. I finished spinning more of the undyed fiber for the baby blanket, and I knit the last few color blocks. I might need to get to Boulder to get more fiber, I think, but that’s a long drive, so it’ll have to wait. I also started the Christening Gown for Michael’s sister’s baby. I had to rip it back at least three times already because of mistakes. I think that I was absolutely brilliant for putting stitch markers after each pattern repeat – if there aren’t enough stitches in a section, I can tell right away that I’ve made a mistake and I can look for it efficiently. I’ve got to place a life line in the work at some point as well, just in case a real disaster crops up. I feel very secure in the knowledge that my baby projects will all be done ahead of time. At least, as long as they aren’t confiscated at the airport this weekend.

On Thursday, we are going to Florida for my friend Jen’s wedding. On Sunday, we are leaving Florida for Puerto Rico for a business trip. I have no idea what knitting I will be bringing with me. The baby blanket, while smaller than I would like, it too big for the carry-on bag, especially with all the supplements in there. The christening gown is too intricate to work on in such a small space as a coach class seat (I need to have the pattern out at all times), and I fear they may take the needles on the way back from Puerto Rico, so I’m going to put that one in my checked luggage. Yes, Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, but the airline reservations desk treats it as an international flight, so that makes me worry that the stricter rules will apply. I have two socks in the works – Michael’s socks and the January/February Socks that Rock club pattern. I have about four other WIPs that just aren’t a big enough priority right now to consider. Well, maybe the cat couch, but it involves some assembly (with foam cushions) and it’s not practical for travel. Maybe just the socks on the plane. Sigh. Or maybe I, in my infinite ability to be distracted, will cast on something else… maybe a sweater? I was thinking this camisole (not a Ravelry link, so anyone can see it) would be great for summer. Ah, the possibilities!

One of the only bad things about this trip coming up is that I have to give back the kittens. Charge has been so friendly and desperate for attention that we started letting her roam the house with Neutrino. She sits on our laps to watch tv (displacing my knitting, but I love her, so it’s ok) and Neutrino snuggles on me to fall asleep. The littlest ones are only just getting to the point where they are awake for other purposes than eating, so I haven’t gotten the chance to get to know them yet. I did save their lives, so at least I have something to show for them. Fudge is half the size of her bigger brother, Marmalade, and about 100g smaller than Butterscotch. It’s bad, but at least she’s alive and not suffering. The boys have been totally unremarkable, but as healthy as they come. I will get another picture to show you before I take them back tomorrow.

Have I ever mentioned that I love kittens? 🙂


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