A Rough Road

I have not knitted anything in the last few days, save for a few stitches on Michael’s socks. I’ve played with the kittens and their mother some, and I am happy to say they are all still healthy and still growing like weeds.

The reason for the lull in my knitting activity is that my hands are busy shoveling food into my face. On the new diet, I am always hungry. Ravenous, really. It’s like nothing I eat fills me up. If I didn’t have Michael doing this with me, if I had to watch him eating things that I am desperately craving while I went without, I might have jumped off the bandwagon the first day. Maybe the second.

To make matters worse, I realized the most intense part of the new diet will be in force right when I am going to be spending large amounts of time on a plane, without access to foods I can eat. This is really, really bad.

The first morning, I was willing to believe that the reason I was so hungry had everything to do with the fact that we just didn’t have a ton of the foods I can eat in the house. We had some apples, some pistachios, and a few random berries. I had almond milk already. We went grocery shopping right before we went bowling, and picked up some roasted chicken and cooked veggies from the salad bar (at Whole Foods – I can trust that the food is safe to eat there). I was reasonably satisfied after that meal, but not long after eating I was hungry again. I think it was because of the lack of complex carbs. Like most Americans, I have a grain based diet that I am very, very used to.

Yesterday, I woke up believing that our shopping trip had solved the hunger problem. Ha! Not a chance. I started the day with the powder supplement mixed with water this time (not doing that again voluntarily), and I ate an apple with it. I then ate all the roasted, salted plantains (they taste like potato chips!), some blackberries, some kiwis, and some mango. I just kept eating things all day long. I made a point to try new foods while I am so restricted in order to liven things up. I have never liked fish, but since it’s one of the few meats I am allowed to eat, I decided to approach it again with new eyes (and taste buds). We went to a fish restaurant (neither of us has much experience cooking fish, and I think that it won’t help to have badly cooked fish) to see what I could eat. They had a salmon salad on the gluten-free list. I made certain to ask the waitress if they meant salmon salad like fish in the salad or like tuna salad (mixed with mayo, etc.). It was a whole piece of fish on the salad. The dressing was a vinaigrette, which is ok for me to eat. It should have been fine.

Except that the waitress brought me the version that was not on the GF menu. There were some dry, wheat based noodles on the salad. I picked them off easily, and removed the tomatoes (important to remember when I am traveling). Then I realized that the vinaigrette was the creamy version. I used my blackberry to check what made it creamy. Turns out, it’s either mayo or mustard. Mayo is off my list. It was so frustrating – I was starving and could not eat the salad. I made an executive decision at that point. I scraped off as much of the dressing as I could and ate it anyway. The nutritionist said some contamination wouldn’t be a problem, so I just need to make sure that I’m more careful in the future.

This morning I woke up at 8:00am, several hours before I normally do. It was hard to get started, just like it normally is. I really wished I could have my black tea. I started this post, and then my friend Julie called and asked me to spend the afternoon with her. I was glad to do so because it would give me something else to occupy my mind. She brought me home around 2:00pm and I realized something amazing – I’m not so tired I have to sleep. I could take a nap, I guess, but I don’t need it. I hate to admit it, but the doctors might be on to something with this diet – I’m starting to feel better.

I’m going to put some pictures of the labels on my supplements here because I was asked about it in my comments. If you want to know what’s in them, just click on the pictures to make them bigger.

This is the powdered supplement that I have to mix with the almond milk in the morning:

And these are the supplements – I take 2 pills of each 3 times a day with meals. Yes, that’s 18 pills a day, plus my regular drugs for a grand total of 21 pills a day.

These are both the Metacrin DX.




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