Spin you right round

I’ve been spinning. Round and round the wheel goes, and occasionally, yarn comes out. The thing is, spinning in my house is much more difficult than you might originally think. I can boil the difficulty down to three words: I have cats.

Duck especially has been curious about my wheel. Every time he figures out I am spinning (it wasn’t hard for a while there), Duck runs into the room to interfere. He likes to put his paws in the spokes. He bites my drive band. On one particularly frustrating day, he put his head on the treadle while I spun.

I managed the fix the squeak, for what it’s worth. It turns out that the dry air here in Colorado is really tough on wood. In the winter time, all the wood in my house shrinks. Remember the floors I installed less than a year ago? Well, as soon as winter comes, the boards start to shrink. No big deal, I expected that. The thing is, I didn’t expect them to shrink as much as they actually do, and spaces have formed between the boards that are big enough to collect stray cat litter. I think next time I install wood floors it will be in the dry season. As for the wheel, the wood shrunk in such a way that the parts I screwed together got loose and made the wheel squeak when I used it. The dryness has also caused most of my bobbins  to just fall apart. It got really ugly when five ounces of green singles fell off the broken bobbin in a tangled heap.

I’m just glad that I managed to figure out the cause of the squeak, because it would have eventually driven me off the deep end. I am spinning so much yarn for Sara’s baby blanket that the noise might have bored a hole in my brain! As it is, I have managed to get some nice yarn off the now squeak-free wheel.

That cake of green yarn is probably the biggest one I have ever made. This includes store-bought yarn. Yes, I have been spinning that much. I have a light blue to make (one ply is pictured above with the purple singles), and I am going to add some undyed wool to the mix. I plan to put them all together to make this blanket (Ravelry Link).

So, that’s my current life: spinning yarn, repairing broken spinning wheel parts, and fighting off rogue kittens. Coming soon: furious baby garment knitting!


One thought on “Spin you right round

  1. I was literally laughing out loud! Duck is something else! And, what, you didn’t like the squeaky wheel? I don’t see how that could have become annoying. lol Maybe duck thought it was a mouse?

    And wow! That yarn is beautiful! It looks so soft! The pattern is beautiful, too. I can’t wait to see (and wrap baby O up in) the finished product.

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