I feel Special

Yesterday, I had Wallace and Gromit. They’d gotten over the cold that they had when they arrived at my house, and Gromit, at least, made weight. Wallace was just a tiny bit behind, but with male cats, it’s generally acceptable. The neuter surgery is so much quicker than the spay surgery, so the weight limit isn’t so firm.  It was a good thing that the boys were healthy and of ideal weight because yesterday, they had to go back to the shelter in an unplanned manner.

In the middle of the day I got a call from one of the foster coordinators at the shelter. She seemed like she wanted to tell me something, but she stopped to ask about the boys first. After my description, she seemed satisfied enough to tell me her news. “We have a mom and kittens…” she started. Those magic words guaranteed I’d say yes to whatever she wanted of me.

This is Charge and her unnamed kittens. I am such a sucker for a small, furry face – it’s going to get me into a lot of trouble.

I’ve had a little less than 24 hours with the kittens, and I’ve learned a lot about the family. Charge is one of the better moms I’ve had in a long time. She is very attentive to the kittens. The little guys gained 16g each today, they look plump and they smell clean. Mommy is a little possessive, which is what led the shelter to call me. Each day that she was there, Charge got more aggressive as people came in and out of the room. She growled and ran to her kittens when people tried to touch her. The people in the shelter wanted a special home for this one. The parent had to be understanding about and able to manage angry mommy noises and behaviors. The foster parent had to be able to bottle feed if the mom couldn’t be handled  enough to care for her. And of course, the foster parent needed to be extra observant. I feel special because I was the first person the shelter thought of for the job. I like being good at something. 🙂

Charge still growls at me when I enter her room, but I can tell she isn’t that serious. It’s more of an “I’m watching you” growl than “I’m going to mess you up”. She lets me handle her babies,  but she stares sidelong at me while she eats. When I’m not handling the babies, their mother wants nothing more than to rub my ankles and get her cheeks rubbed. She purrs for me. I think we’ll all be just fine.


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