Visions of Loveliness

I had good luck getting my cats to pose for me this week (and look at this – another blog post in less than a week! I might be getting something back here!). I don’t have a lot to say about them, but they are nice to look at.

All four of my cats love the weather here in Colorado. Most days they have this very sunbeam to lie in – it’s practically a scheduled mid morning nap event for the cats. If the sun isn’t out, I can generally catch the cats looking out the back door at falling snow or just sighing about the loss of their beloved sun.

I did manage to catch Duck hanging out with the kittens. He loves them so much. It took a while for Duck to realize the kittens are smaller than he is, but now that he’s figured it out, he plays gently with them. He’s also taken to mothering the kittens. Many times a day I catch Duck holding down a squirming kitten, trying to give the little fellow a bath. It’s fantastic – now I have two assistant foster parents! I can only guess that Duck learned this behavior from the way Serra treated him when he was itty-bitty.

I don’t really blame Duck for not realizing how big he is compared to the babies. Quite honestly, I had forgotten until I picked Wallace and Gromit up from the shelter.

I also think it’s amazing to look at Serra compared to the kittens. She is, after all, my largest cat. I couldn’t get over the way Wallace looks like a mini-Serra!

I just love the way Serra cares for the babies. I know a lot of people dislike and even fear Serra because she is kind of moody (ok, really moody), but this picture right here embodies what I really love about my Bug. With kittens, she is kind and gentle, very motherly. It’s incredibly sweet!

I’ve been knitting a bit, as well. I finished a wrap for my friend Julie, who just got married. I am still spinning yarn for the blanket I am going to knit for my friend Sara (the baby is due in two months, so I really need to start knitting!). I’ve also swatched a few lace patterns for the christening gown I am making for Michael’s sister, Julie (different from the Julie who just got married). I asked her to choose which pattern she likes better for the skirt portion of the gown. What do you think?

The leaf pattern on the left is simpler, but it may not be fancy enough for an heirloom gown. The frost flowers pattern on the right is the lace originally specified in the Avery Christening Gown pattern (Ravelry link). It’s more complex, but I’m not sure if I like it (nor I am sure that I don’t). This one isn’t due till August, so I’m not too worried. So far this year, I’ve finished all the deadline knitting on time. I don’t know what to do with myself – I’m not used to being so on top of things! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Visions of Loveliness

  1. I love looking at your kitties! Cleo has taken to sleeping up in the baby’s room on his rug when I open the curtains. She loves the morning beam of sun and the fuzzy carpet. To bad today is dreary and overcast.

    That’s so sweet that Duck is being a 2nd foster parent! I love the expression on Serra’s face. She looks like she could be down right moody!

    Just to toss my opinion out on the knitting, I kinda like the lace work in the right hand picture. It seems more open and airy, and like you said, I don’t think the leaf pattern is really a heirloom type pattern, although it is very pretty. I say go with the original pattern lace, but if you think you won’t have the time to finish it with that pattern, go with the leaves.

    • Thanks for your help! Michael’s sister was just as indecisive as he is, so I didn’t get the help I was hoping for from her. I’m still interested in more opinions – I have plenty of time to do either pattern.

  2. Just to set the record straight, I DID express an opinion on the lace patters. I actually prefer the same one that Sara does, the one on the right. They are indeed both nice, but I like that one better than the leaves.

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