Sh*t my Husband says

I’m going to put this in context for you:

Michael and I were sitting on the couch, just chatting. I commented that if we ever got really rich, the one “rich-person” thing I’d like to do is own a yacht. I love being on a boat, and I would love even more to have a party will all of my friends on a boat that I owned. I also might have suggested that I could knit a yacht cozy for it.

Me: Well, maybe I should start with something smaller, like a house cozy. Hey, I wonder if you put a wool cozy on your house, would it cut the heating bills? I mean, same concept as insulation, just on the outside.

Michael: Maybe it would make our heating bill go down, but it would make our yarn bill go up – a lot.

Me: Dude!

Michael: Seriously, we have the water bill, the electric bill, the yarn bill… most people don’t have a yarn bill, much less a line item for yarn in the budget. It’s like, our faucets run hot and cold yarn. I think we spend more on yarn in a month than we do on the heating bill. As a matter, of fact, I’m sure of it.

I was speechless.

The conversation just seemed too funny not to share.


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