The first videos

After a lot of work, I’ve managed to get two knit-help videos up. I knew that this would be tough, but I think I wasn’t fully prepared. Still, I’ve gotten started, and that’s what matters.

I’m going to make a new page for all my videos: knit, crochet, and cat help. Also, the knit videos are done both in continental style and throwing style. One day, I aspire to learn to crochet left-handed, but that will take more time.

So, not much to say right now – the videos took it all out of me. Take a look at my first attempts and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “The first videos

  1. Hi Barbara, I watched the Continental style video and thought your instructions were very clear and concise. Good job! I found it interesting to note that you slipped the first purl-side stitch and knitted the last. I understand why you’d slip the first stitch. Can you explain why you knit the last purl-side stitch? Thanks!

    • Sure! I slip the first stitch of every row and knit the last so that the fabric doesn’t roll as a stockinette-stitch pattern has a tendency to do. That combination of actions leaves this pretty slip-stitch edging. If a small piece of fabric like that rolled, you wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing quite so clearly.

      Does that help?

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