Where did all this come from?

I have been using the downtime of kitten season and the time I would have otherwise used to teach classes to catch up on the things I have gotten behind on. Priority number 1: housework. Number 2: Catching up on the Newspaper comics (I am currently on August 13. To be fair we have 2 newspaper’s worth of comics in the one paper that is currently surviving the newspaper downfall. That makes for 5 glorious pages of comics a day!). Number 3: Yarn and craft organization.

I focused on number 3 a little bit today. I went outside and used the white snow as a photo backdrop for the completed projects and  yarn I have accumulated in the last few months but have not yet put on Ravelry. As I looked at my storage in the craft room, I kept thinking that I was running surprisingly low on yarn. Heh. Not quite. I just hadn’t moved the new yarn and fiber in there. Here’s just what I photographed today:


Michael’s Steelers Hat

Froot Loop Sock (Only 1 so far)

Ballband Dishcloth (My old dishcloths are wearing out, so I need to make several more. Can’t use store-bought ones after I’ve used hand-knit.)

I have more completed projects, but I still need to photograph them and I ran out of sunlight today – stupid short winter days.


I got this on Etsy from Freckle Face Fibers.

These were birthday gifts from Naomi, Kilala’s (Wisteria’s) mother. She now has an Etsy shop: Sheepy Kitty. The green one is “Melted Witch” – Falklands wool, and the purple one is “Good Witch” – Tussah silk.

Hands + Notions merino wool from one of my Urban Fauna trips.

Various merino wools I purchased from Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins to spin and knit into a baby blanket for one of my regular blog commentors. 🙂

Stuff I bought when I taught in San Francisco at the Bazaar Bizarre. From the Girl on the Rocks booth, (in order): Banana Bread (superwash merino), Haunted House (superwash merino), and Lavendar Frost (80% merino, 20% tussah silk).

Yarn (I’ll just put up pretty pictures. If you really want to know where I got it, check my Ravelry page sometime in the next few days):

This cashmere yarn will be an heirloom christening gown for Michael’s family.

Berroco Sundae, which I immediately made into a hat for Michael (the picture I took today was blurry, so I’ll try again tomorrow).

The blue yarn is Miski, and the red ones are Sulka. The Sulka yarns contain a small percentage of alpaca. I’m trying the immunity-by-exposure method of beating my alpaca allergy. Miski is 100% baby llama. Somehow, these are going to become a hat, scarf, and mittens combo for my brother, Robert.

Sock yarns (I had to make some of these pictures a little bigger so you can see them – one looks suspiciously like a turd if it is much smaller): Fannie’s Fingering Weight in Harvest, Chameleon Colorworks Bambino in Eggplant, Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock in Birches,  Dream in Color Starry (with real silver sparkles!), and Creatively Dyed Yarn in Beaches.

And some random other stuff I bought because it was either pretty or because I am trying to expand my choice in color (I have a shockingly large amount of blue, green, pink and purple yarn. Not much red or orange – I despise those colors. I’m trying to take a more tolerant view. After all, who’s ever seen a purple pumpkin?)



GGH Safari. This is a Linen/Nylon blend. It is almost like suede to the touch.

And 3 cheap acrylics for a project for a friend (note the complete lack of fiber snobbery here): Red Heart Eco-ways in Cinnabar, TLC Essentials in Sandstone, and Caron One Pound in Lace.

So, yeah. Not running out of yarn. Not by a long shot. This little adventure makes me fear going through the other piles of things I’ve been meaning to sort. Maybe organization isn’t such a good thing after all…


2 thoughts on “Where did all this come from?

  1. now that I’m preparing to move, I realized my bookcase bred yarn while I wasn’t looking. Naughty yarn!

    I thought I only had 5 shelves of yarn, but I found yarn on 2 more shelves! They were hiding in the dark. Naughty, naughty yarn! lol

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