Younger Models

Wednesday, I traded in most of the Twilight kittens. Bella was underweight according to the shelter’s scales, but she was two pounds according to mine, so she has to stay with me. Edward is going to be adopted by a friend, so he stayed as well. In fact, he was neutered yesterday so he can go home with my friend this weekend.

Lamb last dayJacob last dayRosalie last day

I got a final picture of everyone but Emmett. He was so excited every time I tried to photograph him that he would come toward the camera, making it impossible to get a shot of his pretty little face. I also managed to get a great video of Bella. She loves her fur mice. She seems unaware that there are more of these mice to be had, so she guards them like crazy, growling at any person or kitten who approaches her while she has one in her mouth. Just like Lamb with her swatches.

The thing that keeps me from missing my old kittens when I have to give them up is that I get brand new kittens right away. It means that I get no breaks, but it is the best way I know to move on and not adopt all my kittens.

This week’s younger model is Tiger


and her five beautiful babies

Tiger's babies

These babies were born on Saturday, so they are a week old tomorrow. They should be opening their eyes in just a few days. They are gaining weight, but I still have to worry. Their poor mother had a sneeze the morning after I got her. As of last night, she had so much mucus that it just drips from her nose when I see her. I have to spoon feed mommy to get her to try the wet food, and then she’ll take a bite or two on her own, only to abandon the food. A fasting mommy is not a good thing, so I’ve called the shelter to see what we can do. Antibiotics aren’t a great idea because she has infants nursing off of her, and it’s probably a viral cold anyway. I don’t want to take her in to the shelter because she will be exposed to even more possible contagions.

Unfortunately, Tiger is not the only sick kitty here. Wesley had his first senior exam on Monday, and there was bad news. His blood pressure was so high that he is in danger of going blind. Apparently, his retinas can detach from the pressure. Normally there is an underlying cause for the high blood pressure, but the vet can’t find anything in Wesley’s case. This is bad news because I am just treating the symptom and not the disease. He has a recheck in a month, so we’ll see if the blood pressure meds Wesley is taking are making a difference.

Keep your fingers crossed for all the sick ones.


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