While I was out

Last week, I was in San Francisco. I mostly spend my time out there on social calls, barely getting any rest. Michael  goes for work, and this time he was in meetings all day, every day. We are mighty busy while we are there, but I really love going back.

Before the trip, Duck and Lamb wanted us to know that they were going to miss us. They even offered to go.

Duck and Lamb going too But I doubt they’d make it through airport security. 😦

Remarkably, I don’t think I really took many pictures of the trip. I took pictures of the yarn I bought at my favorite yarn store. I took pictures of the mitten I have in progress. Somehow, I just couldn’t seem to get pictures of my friends or the city. It’s a shame, but I will be back.

On the plane ride, I cast on a Bella’s Mittens. The version I made for my friend Vickie was too small for my hands, even before I felted it, so I used a larger needle (size 9) and a slightly thicker yarn (Rowan Cocoon). So far, the first mitten seems to fit. I am going to use it for a shop sample for the class I am teaching on these mittens. I figure it’s a good way to teach magic loop knitting and how to do cables.

My Bella's Mittens Rowan cocoon

By the time I left Knit Night on Wednesday, I finished the first mitten. These really work up fast, and might make good Christmas gifts…

So, of course, while I was gone it snowed. I can’t say for sure how much, but there was some snow on the ground when we got home. In fact, if you look at the back yard, you can see we have two seasons in one. Pick a lane, Mother Nature!

dual seasons On the left we have winter, and on the right, fall.

The kittens continued to thrive while I was out. This is the first time I’ve ever had to leave foster kittens at the house, and I had to wonder how they would do without me. I must have good judgment in sitters because, I’ll tell you, those kittens are huge! Jacob made weight today, but he’s so far ahead of the others that he won’t get to go up for adoption while he’s little. It’s all well and good, because he’s fluffy and cute. I managed to get pictures of all but Bella since I’ve been home.

Edward sillyEmmett stalkingJacob the wolfRosalie bigger

They have lost a lot of the baby look in the few days I was gone. They’ve also gotten really playful. Some of them (like Emmett and Rosalie) are even interested in people as playmates. Edward seems to have lost his mind – who knows what that boy was thinking when he chose to lay on my shoulder in the head stand position!

Duck and Lamb are still doing well. Lambie finally got cleared of the whole ringworm thing. The problem is, she is a bigger black kitten, and that makes her less attractive to potential adopters. Plus, Halloween is coming up soon, and I just don’t think it’s the right time to send her back. We’re going to have her spayed on Wednesday, and then I’ll try to get her a return appointment for November 1st, after Halloween.

Duck lost somethingI have no idea how Duck is going to take the loss of Lamb. She’s  been living with so long that she’s practically family. I have to admit, I’m not sure I can take her to the shelter. I may have to make Michael do the dirty work for me, or at least go with me. I just feel like such a jerk. She’s wonderful, really, but five cats is too many for me. Four is questionable with all the extra kittens that wander through here. Luckily, Duck is pretty easy-going. He doesn’t demand a lot of attention, and he plays well by himself. The thing is, this is all true while he has another kitten in the house who happens to be his age. He may not be so easy without a young playmate. Fortunately, Serra likes Duck a lot. She bathes him in the morning when they wake up, and she tries on occasion to play chase with him. Wesley is indifferent to the little guy, and Buttercup has decided that she can sleep on the couch with the kittens, but only if she is on the back of it while they are on the seat.  Butters still refuses to stay in my lap if Duck approaches us. Still, it’s a start. She’s way cooler with Duck than she was with Serra at this point.

In addition to all the kittens and the classes, we have another renovation going on this week. Fortunately, I’m not doing it this time – we have professionals.

kitchen demoed

This is my kitchen. We’re having the cabinets re-faced and we’re having silestone countertops installed. Fortunately, this process only takes a week, so I’ll have the kitchen back soon enough. I should get to the painting that got put on hold when the floors went in, but I think I hear the yarn shop calling…


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