Vampires DO have reflections

I have been so terrible about getting the individual shots of the kittens up this time. I feel especially bad about it because Renée died without a picture of her own. I have had only about 2 or 3 kittens die before I got a picture of them, but wouldn’t you know, they were all black kittens. The first was Fulton, my very first foster kitten to die. He was an older kitten, about 6 weeks old. He is the only one I don’t have a single picture of. (And yes, I can name most of the kittens I’ve fostered, and if I see a picture of the group, I can name them all.)

So anyway, I think it is way past time to introduce the kittens to you. Plus, I think it will help my wonderful friend, Tammy, tell the kittens apart. 🙂

Alice Alice looks a little rough. She is a bit smaller than the day I got her, and I really don’t expect her to survive. On the other hand, Duck lived even though he was really sick for a long time.

Bella Bella is supercute! She loves to gently pounce on your ankles, and she chatters just a bit when you play with her. The poor thing has already had mats in her fur – her new family will have to brush her all the time.

Edward Edward is so handsome! His coat is a smoke color rather than all black. It’s really hard to get his true color with the camera flash, so sometime I’ll take him into a room with a skylight so I can get a really good shot of him. He is very quiet and quite snuggly.

Emmett Poor Emmett came to us without a family, but I have to say he blends in with these guys very well. He loves to eat, and for the longest time he was my biggest kitten. I believe he is at least a week older than all the other kittens. He wouldn’t take the bottle on the first few days.

Jacob Jacob is a tank. He outweighs the next biggest kitten by about 100g. He is fluffy and vaguely wolf-like when he moves around the room.

Rosalie This is Rosalie. Michael thinks she is the prettiest kitten (I think it’s Bella). She is pretty playful, and she loves to be picked up.

Renee looked like a much smaller version of Jacob. She was so bright and friendly, looking up at me with her big, blue eyes when she scurried up my leg into my lap. She was pretty special.

I will miss these guys while I am out of town. At least for the first time it’s only two nights. I have 11 cats to kiss before I leave, so I’ll write more later.


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