Dude, where’s my camera?

After taking a week off, I decided to finish the hardwood flooring project. The living room is done, but I needed to finish the hallway and connected office. The thing is, in the midst of all the furniture removal, my camera disappeared. It’ll show up, along with one of the knitting needles I was using for the sweater I am making out of my handspun yarn. I just can’t tell when.

What the missing camera means is that you’ll just have to believe me when I give you updates about the floor. You’ll also have to have a little faith that I didn’t murder all the kittens and bury them in the back yard.

In kitten news, Sylph’s foot seems to have improved. She only occasionally limped for the first few days, and now I can’t see any limping at all. Duck still refuses to do anything evil. He even answers to his name when I call him. So does my little Lamb-chop. Maybe I need both of them. Sigh.

Regarding my knitting, the unprecedented happened yesterday: I finally admitted defeat. I was knitting socks one-inside-the-other. The process was easy enough; I knit the back sock with my right hand the front sock with my left. It’s just that it took FOREVER to make any progress. I finally separated the socks last night, and I don’t think I will be doing that method again. I did learn something interesting from that experience, though – when I knit with both hands, my gauge is tighter. You can see clearly where I switched methods of knitting each sock. Oh well, it tells a story.

So, that’s it for now. When my camera comes home (I think it ran off on vacation with my knitting needle), I’ll make it show you pretty things.


One thought on “Dude, where’s my camera?

  1. my gauge is a little tighter knitting continental than throwing…so you can only imagine how tight that knitting gets. I wouldn’t even have to go 2 sizes down for a pattern if I did the whole thing in continental! ha!

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