Before they Hatch.

I should learn never to point out that all the kittens are well. When I do that, I invite the irony gods to come down and smite me.

Last night, around 1:00am, I heard a very unusual, very scary scream from one of the kittens. I immediately got up to look for the screamer, when I saw Sylph hobbling around on 3 legs. Her right rear leg was held up like a flamingo while she moved. I touched it and she cried, and I couldn’t tell if it was dislocated, broken, or otherwise. We took her to the emergency vet.

All we could do in the middle of the night is get her pain meds. We could have had her x-rayed, but if something was found, they couldn’t do anything about it until the next day when a surgeon came on duty.

This morning Michael took Sylph to the shelter for the x-ray and follow up care. No one could find a fracture, so the best guess is that she sprained her ankle. She is on pain meds until she can walk normally, which I actually think will be tomorrow.

Isn’t life with kittens exciting?


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