If the Shoe Fits

Wear it!

lamb shoe

Duck is also as cute as they come.

Duck Dude

Notice the pot belly? He likes to eat. It’s his favorite sport, next to sitting in my lap and purring. He’d better turn evil soon or I might have to keep him. That is the secret to successful fostering for me: at about 2 months old, just when the kittens get ready physically to go back, they turn evil. They run amok, hiding from me when I try to put them away. They break things. And they poop behind my desk. This one refuses to be that way, and it’s making trouble for me.

I’m just happy that they all seem well. Yea kittens!


3 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. Yay! Such a cute picture in the shoe! Which kitten is that? I’m so glad that Duck is doing better! He’s so sweet! Maybe you can send him my way if he doesn’t turn evil! lol

    • The kitten in the shoe is lamb. She’s creative and has a sassy, but very cute attitude. She’s another love of mine. Ok, they all are.

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