What to do?

It’s past midnight, and I’m worried. All but 2 of my 8 kittens lost weight tonight. Duck went to the doctor this morning and got a penicillin shot and a prescription for Panacur – not that they actually found anything in all the tests they did. He lost more weight today anyhow, and he’s started to make white poop. I believe this means that the milk he has consumed from his mother is going right through without being digested in the slightest.

I gave everyone who lost weight some sub-q fluids tonight right after my semi-successful attempt to bottle-feed and spoon feed the sick ones. I hope it keeps them alive.



2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. How are the kittens today? I’m sure the vets have already thought if this, but what it the kittens are anemic or diabetic? Would that cause any of the trouble they’ve been having? I thought I remember reading that when they crashed they bounced back a bit after the Karo syrup and that made me think of the diabetic thing…is is all the kittens or just the new bunch? I really hope they are doing better! Hugs!

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