Getting Better

Mostly, I am posting to check in. It’s been awhile, but I’m thinking that the content of my last few posts may have illuminated you as to the reason I have been away. I’ve had 2 good days this week. The first was on Monday, when I went to a baseball game with Kyle and Tammy, some new friends of ours. Kyle started out as our Realtor, and we remained friends after the business was over. I made it my own personal stitch-and-pitch game, and I finished all but 1 finger of my Colorado gloves. The second good day was yesterday, so I got some much needed shopping out of the way.

I have taken a lot of my down time to knit and spin. As a matter of fact, I have almost spun all the singles I need to have enough yarn for a sweater. I’ve been working on another sweater for myself (the Shapely Tee) in order to be sure I can make a sweater that fits – it’s a surprisingly tough thing for me to do. I can measure another person and make a sweater that will fit. When I measure myself and knit from a pattern, the sweater comes out too big. Sometimes it’s way too big, and sometimes it’s just a size or 2 too big. I seriously wonder if there is something psychological to that. Since I’ve spent so much time on the couch I’ve watched a lot of TV, especially DIY Network and TLC. On an episode of What Not to Wear, a comment that 1 of the hosts made kind of stuck with me. They said that the person they were making over seemed to not see herself clearly, that she was actually better shaped and prettier than she thought. They thought she was hiding because she didn’t like who she was. I started wondering if maybe I knit sweaters for myself that end up way too large for a very similar reason. This is a big revelation for me, given that I have a hard time believing good things about myself. It’s even an bigger deal that I realized this given that my current too-low meds often leave me depressed. If I could see it through all that, well, it must be a huge revelation.

In other news, the kittens are nearly ready to go back. I feel terrible that I haven’t been able to tell you much about them, but I assure you they are very much alive and well. There have been no significant health issues, aside from the Giardia. All but 1 kitten, Palau, has made weight. Ah – but there is something to tell.

There is a genetically linked abnormality in kittens with 1 blue eye and 1 other colored eye – usually the ear above the blue eye is deaf. I expected Marquesas to have that problem, but all my tests indicated to me that his hearing was equal in both ears. I was right, but not how I expected. A few times, I opened the door to the kitten room and all the kittens raced to see me except for Marq. He was usually sleeping when this happened, and I thought he was just a deep sleeper. I could gently shake his shoulder and he would wake up, purring his little heart out. He never responded when I called him, but then again, kittens get so wrapped up in the schemes they have going that they rarely notice my attempts to distract them. But the thing that really told us something was up was the vacuum. Michael sat in the kitten room while I vacuumed the carpet outside of their room so he could tell me how they reacted. As soon as I turned the machine on, 4 of the kittens freaked out and hid in corners of the room. Marquesas kept eating. When I turned the vacuum off, Michael made odd chirping and cooing noises at the kittens, and 4 of them cocked their heads to the side, curious about the sounds. But not Marq. It was then we realized Marquesas is not deaf in 1 ear, he is deaf in both ears.

It’s funny how that fact hit me. My first thought was, “Oh, I’d like to have a deaf kitten.” Not that I need another cat, but something about his hearing loss endeared him to me. I was going to say that his disability made me love him, but I realized that he isn’t exactly disabled. Honestly, if you didn’t know what to look for, you wouldn’t be able to tell that he is deaf. He plays with the other kittens, and he meows like a normal kitten. He purrs when he is held. He just doesn’t hear me call him. The other cats and kittens in the house pretend that they can’t hear me anyway, so what’s the difference?

With any luck, I will have more good days in the near future and I can give you a more detailed account of the knittin’ and kittens. For right now, know that I haven’t forgotten about you or the rest of the Hawai’i posts, but it’s just going to take some time. If you’re as young as you feel, then I’m about 85. I’ll write more when I feel more like 35 again.


3 thoughts on “Getting Better

  1. I hope you continue to have good days! I can’t wait to see how your Colorado gloves come out.

    That’s so weird about Marq. I’ve actually heard that all white kittens with blue eyes are deaf…I’ve never know if it’s true, though. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a deaf cat. I hope he finds a special home that can deal with his deafness.

    • White cats with blue eyes can be deaf, but I don’t think it’s even usually. I think it’s just more common than with non-blue-eyed kitties.

      It shouldn’t be too hard to get him a good home – the new parents just need to remember he can’t hear them and come up with other ways of communicating. He’ll be fine. šŸ™‚

  2. I had a deaf rat, and she was one of the happiest rats I’ve ever had. The only difference we did to help her understand us, is we used very basic made-up sign language. I’d move just my index finger when I’d want to pet her. I’d slide my hand back and forth at her cage door when I wanted her to come to the door.

    Near the end of her life, she was blind in one eye, so I made sure to always approach her from her good eye’s side so she’d know I was there. She was very intelligent and figured out that I was communicating to her.

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