Call me Master

Master's Certificate

I was just settling onto the couch for a nap when the doorbell rang. The UPS man walked away, and I noticed that there was a box on my porch. “That’s odd,” I thought, “what did I order online?” I searched for a box cutter and opened the box. Inside was… another box. I dumped that box out, and 2 familiar binders landed on the floor. I opened them up, and in the front pocket, I found my Master of Crochet Stitches certificate and the evaluation! The reviewer said things like, “Even and neat,” “carefully finished,” and my favorite, “Throughout I was impressed with how consistently even her stitching was. I rate her work as outstanding.” Dude, I am officially a Master Crocheter!

I am going to join the Knitting Guild soon and do the work for their master’s course. Then I can be officially recognized as a master of totally obsolete skills! That, my friends, is what we should all strive for.


3 thoughts on “Call me Master

  1. Congratulations… you are the best crocheter I know!

    (The guild has only been around since 1994? What took so long to form a guild? Crocheting has been around for-ever!)

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