Wandering Obliviously

The Kona post is up. Click here or on June 24th in my calendar.

I’m not myself right now. While I was in San Francisco, my new doctor called, unreasonably panicked about my last thyroid function test. I had just had my dose increased, and it takes about 3 months for the numbers to be stable again. It was only 2 months since my dosage change, and the numbers were too low, so she said she wanted to decrease my dose. In retrospect, I should have handled this differently, but I didn’t really think through the consequences. The doctor wanted to put me on a dose that was lower than I have been on in 5 years. I asked if I could just go back to the dose I had been on previously. No, she said, it would only be for a month and they would call the “emergency” prescription in to the pharmacy in SF. I should have said no, I’ll call my old endocrinologist since I was there in town. I just went along with it, picking up the generic prescription at the pharmacy. That should have raised more warning flags for me, but I apparently ignored them. I have always been told that you should not switch from the name brand to the generic because they work differently. The doctor did not ask what I was taking, and last time I went with the generic I could not get the numbers under control. This is why I prefer a specialist to treat my endocrine diseases – General Practitioners  have no idea what they are doing.

It’s really bad this time, worse than when I hadn’t realized that my disease was progressing earlier in the year. I will ask Michael a question, and he’ll tell me I just asked him that a few minutes ago.  I have no short term memory. I am requiring about 12-14 hours of sleep a day, but sometimes I can’t fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I realized that I can’t focus enough to drive. I picked up some drugs for the kittens earlier this week (more on that in a minute), and I realized that I zoned out a few times on the highway. I couldn’t remember parts of the trip. In the last few days, I have been getting dizzy when I stand up, and last night I actually blacked out for a second and nearly fell on my way to the bathroom. I have to go in tomorrow for a follow-up blood test, and I am going to inform the doctor that I am going back to my previous dose and brand, whether or not she will prescribe it to me. I did, at least, contact a specialist (it takes awhile to get in). I have also decided that I am going to look for a new GP. I will never, ever stay with a doctor who dismisses my input about my body and fails to ask important questions.

Anyway, the kittens. Many of the kittens have had soft stool since I got them. I added canned pumpkin to their food, and it helped most of them, except for Palau. In the end, I took a fecal sample to the shelter. The kittens have Giardia (Jee-AR-dee-uh), a bacterium that lives in the digestive system and causes diarrhea. Humans can catch it as well, but you have to consume the kittens’ feces in order to get an infection yourself. More commonly, if people and cats in the same household contract Giardia, it’s from a common contaminated water source. I am guessing that Tahiti was at least an indoor/outdoor cat and found a dirty puddle to drink from, then the kittens contracted it from grooming after visiting the litter box they shared with their mother.

Now the kittens are on Panacur, and they are much better. They are gaining weight rapidly, and eating a ton of food. I think Molokai will be ready to go back soon, but he is going to have to wait for at least 1 other sibling.

Since the kittens can reliably make it to the litter box, I have started giving them outings. Buttercup, of course, was personally offended that I would let them into her living room.

Butter and the invaders

But Wesley was more content to supervise from the kitchen above.

Wesley supervises

Getting out of the bathroom is usually a great time for the kittens to explore a bigger space and to get a good run in. They played with an interactive toy:

hunting team and Tonga caught it! Tonga catches it

They found solo toys:

Marq and catnip toy Molokai explores

And Palau found my new jumbo bobbins for my spinning wheel. I’m not sure which strikes me more – how big the bobbins are or how small Palau is.

Palau in bobbin Palau on bobbin

Palau showed me how he isn’t afraid of the vacuum. Marq, however, seemed to be spooked by anything.

Palau and vaccuum Marquesas bottle-brush

But look at Marqesas’s eyes – is that not neat? (Click to enlarge)

Marq eyes

Besides playing with my newly freed kittens/prisoners, I got some knitting and photographing completed. Here’s the Clapotis that I wanted to wear to a luau, but never managed to finish in time:

clapotis finished and the baby booties for the kid with the loose socks. stay-on booties

Despite being incapacitated, I am getting stuff done. If only I had more hours in a day. I’m tired of the insomnia (har, har).


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