Still working Hard

The post about our 2 days in Maui is up now, and you can view it here or by clicking on June 22, 2009 in my calendar.

The kittens are still doing well, and they actually gained a lot of weight today. I thought Tahiti might be ill this morning – she threw up twice. She seems to have gotten over it, and I put a bowl of food and water on the counter top where she spends most of her time. She doesn’t like to come down to the floor because the minute she does, the kittens come running for her nipples. Tahiti just sighs (I swear!) and jumps right back up to the counter where the kittens cannot reach her. I plan to let her live in the office so she can dry up without the kittens bothering her as soon as her Calici is cleared up. In any case, the massive weight gains the kittens made tell me that their mother is not letting them have milk anymore. They’ve had to resort to kitten food, the poor things! I am not worried in the least that they will be separated too early.

Well, I’m off to sort through and crop more pictures!


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