A Soft Bed to Sleep In

Michael and I arrived in Denver this morning at roughly 7:30am. We spent the night on a plane, which wasn’t so bad because we had the frequent flier miles to upgrade to first class. When we got home, we promptly went to bed, the nicest place in the entire world.

I had way less internet access than I thought I would on this trip, and even less time than that to make a blog post. I really do want to tell you about the trip, but the way I post is going to be a tad bit unusual. When I went through the pictures of the trip, I realized many things.

  1. I need a bigger memory card. I filled the card I have so many times, and I had to delete a few pictures and movies in order to make room for a fraction of certain events later in they day.
  2. Holy crap, we were busy people. I am exhausted just thinking about the things we did every day.
  3. I want to take care to present the material I have in a way that does everything justice, including a few history and language lessons for those who read my posts.

So, my plan is to retroactively post on the last day of our visit to each island. I may post 1 or more islands in a day, but I have a lot of photos and videos to go through to tell my stories. I will let you know when I publish each post on the day I do it. All you have to do is click on my calendar on the right side of the screen to get to the appropriate date. I’ll probably even link to the posts in my notice. I’ll give you a preview right now:

I actually had a tan most of the week. The last day, however, our sunscreen got packed and the tan became the sunburn I usually get when I spent more than 5 minutes in the sun. I wish I were kidding about that (the length of time it takes me to burn, I mean).

wicked sunburn

My socks-in-progress had a great time. They saw spectacular natural scenery

sock at waterfall

and they posed with a Samoan student who made them swoon.

sock with So Handsome (He insists his name means “So Handsome” in English.)

The socks also saw 2 luaus, some lava coming from an active volcano, and some under-sea life from the porthole of a small submarine.

It may seem strange to post this way, but I think it will be all clear when you see what we picked up on the way home from the airport this morning:

Tahiti Tahiti2 We’ve named her Tahiti (can you predict the theme?).

2 Polynesians 3 Polynesians And her 5 boys’ names will be decided upon soon.

I called the shelter as soon as we finished snorkeling yesterday morning. I said I’d take 8 or so, and they called back asking if I could take a mom and her litter. Oh, darn, such a hard decision! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “A Soft Bed to Sleep In

  1. Glad you had a great time and are back in one piece!
    So happy to see your socks had a good time as well! :)”
    Mrs Mom Kitty is beautiful! Love her markings!

  2. I look forward to reading all about your vacation. I love what you picked up on the way home! Tahiti is gorgeous! I’m loving her markings!

    I’m assuming that you want to go with the Hawaiian theme for the kitten names. Maui or Meowie, Lou (short for Honaloulou), Kilauea, Lei, Luau, or even Samoa.

    Welcome home!

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