A slow day

Kailua-Kona (on the Big Island of Hawai’i)

For some strange reason, I had a hard time getting Google Maps to show where Kona is located on the Big Island, but it’s roughly where the letter is on the map. I guess it’s fitting, given what little I have to say about it. Kona is where you get Kona coffee from. Although I am not an avid coffee drinker, I can tell you that it is good coffee. I understand it’s well regarded in coffee-drinking circles.

Not every day on our trip was exciting, per se. After the previous days of adventure, all 4 of us were looking forward to an unhurried, easy day. Of course, we started the day by snorkeling at Turtle Bay. The water was calmer here, and once you got away from the shore a bit, it was warmer, too. Robert and Alicia got more underwater pictures here. We’ve promised one another to send digital copies of all the pictures we took, so hopefully I get to see those pictures soon.

I should point out here that Michael and I have been to Hawai’i before. I lived in Honolulu for a year in high school before I moved in with my grandmother in Florida. The last time we went to Kona, Michael and I went to see a seahorse farm. As much as it may look like we’ve missed something by not really getting out there, I assure you, we’ve seen Kona before.

I only took a few pictures in Kona.

There was a lizard lounging on a telephone pole near where we waited for the shuttle to bring us back from snorkeling.

lizard on phone pole

I found yarn at the International Market.  The International Market was  a bustling place when I was here 2 years ago. It was incredibly crowded, with vendors vying for your attention like the people who have the small Kiosks at the mall. This time it was quiet, and lots of booths were empty of content. The poor economy has wrecked this place.

yarn at International Market

I got a shot of our cruise ship from the tender boat. The ship couldn’t dock at a pier in Kona, I am guessing because it is too shallow nearer the island.

cruise ship from tender

There was a sunset with a cloud that looks like an airplane (a little left of center).

plane in sunset

And the elephant (elepani – el-le-PAHN-ee – in Hawai’ian) towel that our stateroom attendant made for us.


Since we really didn’t do much in Kona this time, I will tell you about the last time I was here.

Michael and I visited a seahorse farm. The lady who runs the place explained that seahorses are to the oceans what canaries are to coal mines, and the seahorse population is depleting. It’s bad news, in short.

Much of the time, seahorses just hang around with their tail curled around a nearby plant or other stable object. I got to hold a seahorse in the tank, and he wrapped his tail around my finger for support.


Seahorses mate for life. If you have a salt water aquarium and want to add seahorses to it, you need to get a pair or else your seahorse will literally die of loneliness. It took awhile for researchers to figure this out, so it was thought that maybe seahorses couldn’t live in captivity. The farm we visited will not sell anyone a single seahorse out of compassion for the animal.

Seahorse mates See how they cling to each other?

I also got some really nice sunset pictures the last time I visited. I guess that is what Kona really has going for it!

Sunset_1 Sunset_2

And this is the ship we were on the last time.


It a good thing that we got rested a bit today, because we have a big day planned for Kauai tomorrow!


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