Robert and the 4 Desserts

Remember when I told you that Robert is my brother? I lied – I’m actually related to his wife. Okay, that’s not exactly true. There are just some days when I am out in public with him that I am unwilling to admit that we swam in the same gene pool.

Hawaii 4 at first (Forgive the bad shot – I am just learning to use the timed photo option on the camera. My aim still lacks something when I am not directly behind the camera)

The Background:

For Robert and Alicia, this was their first cruise. In fact, it’s the first vacation that they’ve been able to take that wasn’t at the home of another family member. What’s more, even though they were married almost 7 years ago, they never took a honeymoon due to Robert’s military schedule. Despite how much I may tease that I wish I weren’t related to Robert, I actually do like him, and I was more than happy to take him and his wife to Hawai’i and show them a good time. They decided that this trip is to count as their missing honeymoon.

Cruising is a surprisingly economical way to vacation. Your lodging, some of your travel, most of your shipboard activities, and all the food you can eat are included in the cost. Don’t get me wrong, you can spend a small fortune on a cruise, but you could do that on any vacation.

The Story:

Last night, shortly after our ship left the port in Honolulu, my brother and his wife joined Michael and me for dinner. Cruise ship dining is a very serious threat to any diet. They hand you a menu that has many courses on it – soups, salads, entrees and desserts. You look at the menu and can’t decide between several things, so you ask your waiter what he recommends. “Order both,” the waiter tells you. So you do. The next thing you know, you have 2 soups, a salad, 3 entrees and every dessert on the menu coming your way.

For Robert, the unlimited menu was a dream come true. He couldn’t decide between 2 desserts. The waiter suggested he order both, and not being the type to disobey, did exactly that. In 30 seconds flat, Robert inhaled 1 of these:

chocolate thing chocolate thing2 A chocolate Napoleon.

The waiter saw how much Robert enjoyed that particular dessert, and offered another. “Sure,” Robert said as he wolfed down the other dessert he had ordered. The 2nd Napoleon didn’t last any longer than the first. As he took the last bite, Robert realized that he wished he had taken a picture of the tasty little dish. “Would you like another,” the waiter asked. “I can put a lid on it so you can take it to your stateroom.”

“F@#k, yeah!” Robert proclaimed in a stage voice, apparently forgetting where he was.

The people at the neighboring table asked amongst themselves, “Did he really just say ‘F@#k in the dining room?”

I’m related to Alicia. I don’t know where she found that weirdo.

Of course, this caused much amusement amongst the dining room staff. They brought Robert the 4th dessert of the night so he could photograph it and consume it at a later time. By this point, the dessert had become a bit of a celebrity, so Robert posed with it for awhile.

Yeah, I think Robert had a good time.Abe fist bump

Just wait till we get to Maui.


2 thoughts on “Robert and the 4 Desserts

  1. wow… I think I’ve seen it all now! Fist-bumping an ex-president while holding a “celebrity” dessert! 🙂

  2. Oh, Robert is still not up to my catagory…if you recall, on our cruise I’d order “one of every dessert” so I could taste them all and then share with the table-mates. That’s my modus operandi on all cruises and, amazingly, I have yet to gain any weight while cruising (at home may be a different scenario tho’!).

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