In Hawaii

Michael and I landed in Hawai’i yesterday afternoon. We were really tired from the 7 hour flight and fell asleep at about 8:30pm. Woo – big partiers, that’s us. Early to bed meant early to rise though, and we got to see the sunrise and the sunset from last night. I’ll keep this short since we just picked up my brother and we need to get to the cruise ship.

(Click to enlarge)

View from our room:

view from room

At night:

view at night

Michael at Waikiki Beach (the mountain in the distance is Diamond Head):

Michael and Diamond Head

So far we haven’t done much – we just arrived early so that we wouldn’t have to miss our ship if there were flight delays. The hotel we stayed in was a bit of a dump, but the view (and the fact that we were only staying 1 night) made up for it. In just a few minutes we’ll head out to the ship and start our adventure!

P.S. I will have my Clapotis finished in time for the Luau tomorrow. I knit nearly the entire time on the plane. As a matter of fact, the stewardess stopped to view my knitting. Her sister knits, and she was happy to see another knitter. Finally, a flight where a knitter is praised rather than harassed and feared. This is progress!


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