Home Again

Last night, despite a half hour delay, Michael and I made it home. Well, the Colorado home, anyway. It’s kind of weird because the San Francisco airport felt way more like returning home than the Denver airport. I’ve never before in my life missed a place where I used to live. This is strange and disconcerting.

San Francisco is still the city I know best. Most of my friends are there, I have favorite restaurants to eat at, and I can get from one place to another without having to constantly consult a map (trust me, that’s huge – I have absolutely no internal compass).

Not that I was unhappy to return to Colorado. My house is here, my cats are here, and we can go out in the evenings without a jacket. It’s quieter here, leaving me with a more restful night’s sleep. I think my best option at this point is to live in both cities.

I managed to squeeze even more stuff into the last few days of our trip. I went yarn and fiber shopping at Imagiknit and Urban Fauna. We went to the new Science Academy in Golden Gate Park. A friend introduced us to a new (to us, anyway) restaurant. There was just so much to do.

There was a highlight of the last few days. I got to meet the recipient of the baby blanket I just finished last week:

Kiran This is Kiran. He came to SF about a day before we did.

Right now we are preparing to leave for Hawai’i. It’s about 10 degrees warmer there than here, and about 25 degrees warmer than San Francisco was. I have most of the laundry from our last trip in the machine right now, but it occurred to me at some point that the wardrobe is entirely different for each of those trips. Ah well, we still need the underwear.

I’m sure my posts will get more interesting when we get to out next destination. I have at least 3 projects to bring with me, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish and wear at least 1 of them shortly after I get there. The nice thing about an island vacation is that there is plenty of time for knitting. You know, if I’m going to leave tomorrow, I’d better pack…


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