Kitten Party in SF

I had no idea how busy I would be when I got to San Francisco. I mean, sure, I knew I wanted to see a lot of people, but it’s gotten to the point where I get up in the morning, run all day meeting people and working (yes, I had a paid job one morning), then we get home and I fall asleep like I have narcolepsy. Not that I’m complaining.

I got off the plane on Thursday, dropped my bags at Carisa’s house, and immediately got on the bus to get to the Animal Welfare Commission. That went way overtime, so we missed the Scottish Country Dance class we were planning to attend, so we went out to dinner with our dance friends instead. I did all of this having slept only 2 hours the night before (I had insomnia, and I spent till 6:00am looking for Michael’s contacts) and 1 more hour while our plane waited on the tarmac to take off.

On Saturday morning (I am aware I skipped Friday – I’ll get back to that later) many of the girls from my knit night met with several other knitters we did not know for World Wide Knit in Public Day. The group was much smaller than last year because it was really late before anyone realized that no one had officially organized the meet-up.

WWKIP 2009

Laura BarcelonaDespite the late planning, people came from far and wide to hang out with other knitters. I thought for sure that I was going to be the one with the longest commute, but it turned out that a lady from Barcelona came here on a business trip and decided that she needed to find people of her own kind. She brought out her crocheting and sat amongst us, home in a strange country. That’s what I like about yarn craft – it transcends nationality.

angry froggingOne poor knitter discovered that the sweater she was knitting in the round was actually a mobius. Way to frog!

Kilala and her mother On Sunday I met up with Kilala and her mother.

Toni bottle feeding On Friday I went to the shelter to visit with my old friends from the foster group. Toni was there feeding her kittens, as usual.

But Toni had bigger plans. She decided to host a dinner party welcoming us back. A dinner party at Toni’s house is really a kitten party. You see, Toni takes more kittens than I ever could. She has more space than my apartment did – there were kittens everywhere at Toni’s house.

toni kittens1 toni kittens2 toni kittens3

toni kittens4 toni kittens5 toni kittens6

One of the poor babies (top right) had a very scary accident while we were there. I was in the kitchen helping with the meal when another foster parent came through asking for Toni, a very concerned look straining her face. I noticed that she was holding a limp, white body in her hand. I learned later that the kitten decided to jump off the sofa, which is usually no big deal. However, in some sort of freak accident, the kitten landed in such a way that put him into shock. Witnesses said that the kitten took a few steps after the jump and suddenly collapsed onto his side. One of the party goers had a good friend who happens to be a vet, so she called to get any medical advice we could. Within a few minutes the kitten had responded to a small dose of Karo syrup (to get his blood sugar back up) and was able to lift his head. We kept him on a heating pad and several people checked in on him on a regular basis. By the time we left, he had gotten up to look for a meal. I guess he’ll be OK.

toni kittens and meThe party wasn’t all tragedy. I had gone to the shelter on Friday and met Toni’s bottle feeders. Michael and I went to work of course, feeding the babies so their mommy could properly host a party. One of those bottle-babies must have had a rough life before she got to the shelter. Going by her developmental stage, she had to be at least 3 ½ weeks old. She still definitely wanted the bottle, although she couldn’t seem to keep suction on it. The thing is, she is tiny! She is very skinny, and her eyes are placed so far apart that she resembles a space alien. They called this one Thumbelina.

Thumbelina Is she not the tiniest, cutest thing ever?

I can’t wait to get bottle-feeders at my new shelter.


3 thoughts on “Kitten Party in SF

  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time in SF. I love seeing pictures of the kittens! I’m loving the tiny little calico. My Cleo was about that big when I got her. I hope the little guy who got hurt is ok. Poor thing. And Thumbelina is just the cutest thing ever! I just want to pick her up and love her! Hopefully you’ll get some bottle feeders soon!

  2. I can attest to Barbara being super busy here. Most mornings, I wake up and Barbara and Michael are already gone off meeting other people. They get back in time for evening dinner with someone else. They’ve only been “home” for 2 nights all week!

    It’s been a whirlwind of activity for Barbara and Michael… it’s a good thing they are staying with us, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen them much!

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