Nothing New to Cast On?

After finishing the Crochet Guild project, I decided to cast on something new to celebrate. I am leaving on a plane flight later today, so it’s a great time to do such a thing. I went to Ravelry and searched my queue. Nothing really spoke to me. I then browsed my favorites list, but nothing grabbed me on that page either. Could it be that I’ve lost the desire to cast on something new? Check me, I might have a fever.

I have at least chosen the projects to take on my trip. I am going to bring Clapotis, since if I finish it, I can wear it with a dress I would like to take to Hawai’i. I am also going to bring my Shapely Tee, packed in my suitcase for when I am in SF (I will be there for Knit in Public Day, and I’ll be spending a lot of time near knitters and spinners in general). But I needed something new. Something that I haven’t been avoiding for some time now. As I browsed my finished projects on Ravelry, it hit me – I should make the third Austermann sock!

“Why make a third sock?”, you ask. “Do you have 3 feet? Is there something you aren’t telling us?”

No, it’s nothing like that. I wore the Austermann socks just once, then washed them and left them to dry in my dining room. The next day, when I came looking for them, 1 of the socks was missing. I searched incessantly for it. Eventually I gave up, knowing things like that have a tendency to find me when I least expect them to. I moved, expecting that the sock just had to turn up now that we were pushing around large pieces of generally immobile, but hungry (for socks and cat toys) furniture. Still, nothing doing. The sock has officially evaporated.

So, I figured I would remake that missing sock so that I would have a pair again, rather than one lonely little sock sitting on my dresser, searching for her elusive mate.

So, I’m taking the materials to make Austermann 3 with me, and the materials to make another pair of socks just in case. I know I’ll have access to one of my favorite yarn stores when I go back to SF, but I don’t ever again want to be under-prepared for my knitting when I am away from home.

So, off I go to San Francisco. At least I have the yarn to keep me entertained. Oh, and for all the girls I have spoken to who are huge fans of Twilight (and I mean adult girls – forget that the book was meant for younger girls) – my sister-in-law had the movie on hand, so we watched it. I purchased my first Twilight book today for companionship on the plane. Yea for peer pressure!


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