The Eye

I thought for sure that Lance was going to get off without getting as sick as his siblings. He had always been healthier, ate more, and played more than all the others. On Friday, though, that changed. Poor Lance-a-little developed an eye infection. He was a little depressed, still eating but not playing much. He even lost weight.

Lance's eye

I started him on Terramycin, but by the next day his eye still looked bad. His third eyelid was red and inflamed, and it stayed extended over his eye instead of receding like it should normally. I began to wonder if maybe another kitten scratched his eye and I was all wrong about the reason his eye was so nasty. The only thing that reassured me was that Gwen also had slightly red, watery eyes. If two of the kittens have bad eyes, infection is way more likely. I resolved that if his eye hadn’t at least improved by today, I would get him a vet appointment.

When I got up this morning (in the loosest sense – I am a late riser), I checked on Lance before getting to my chores. Miraculously, his eye looks better – it’s still red around the rim, but the third eyelid has gone back where it belongs and he can hold the eye open. Thank goodness for that, because I have to return him on Wednesday before we start traveling and I’d hate for him to be in the shelter with an eye infection.

I can tell that the other kittens feel better as well. They have started going through A LOT of food. More telling is the fact that they fight their meds:

In other news, now that Michael is on sabbatical, I’ve had someone to help me get some of the moving-in tasks completed. Yesterday, we painted the office.

beforeoffice before and office after after

It feels a lot nicer in here, and it will be even better when we’ve unpacked the boxes and loaded the books onto the shelves. The color does exactly what I wanted it to do – it is a relaxing color that seems pretty conducive to work. Woo-hoo, just 6 more rooms and hallways to go! We hope to get the dining room and formal room painted before Michael has to go back to work. So far, so good.

As for the Crochet Guild project, I only have one swatch to go. I am thinking I should remake 1 of the swatches because the edge looks a little sloppy to me, but the other swatches are satisfactory. I just have to measure my gauge on most of the swatches, label them, put them into a binder and answer a few written questions. A few of the questions I was able to answer before even starting the hand work, so I am at least started on that part of the whole thing. It looks like I will have it in the mail before we leave. I just need to work on that baby blanket, and I will still meet my deadlines. Who knew that crochet could be work? Maybe I should paint instead…


3 thoughts on “The Eye

    • Well, I can only do partial pictures of the swatches. I spoke to one of the judges in the guild, and she said that they probably don’t want me to show all my swatches because it gives away what is on the test. There were about 30 swatches all told, some bigger than others. I can go over a few details when I complete the whole thing and send it off. That won’t be for a couple of days still.

  1. Poor little Lance! I hope his eye continues to improve! Love the video of Elaine getting her meds! Too funny!

    I love the color you chose for your office and I love that giant built in bookshelf. Good luck getting the rest of the rooms/halls painted. How long is Michael on sabbatical?

    It sounds like you’ve made good progress on your Crochet Guild swatches. Hopefully you will get it in the mail soon!

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