My Hero

Serra zonkedSerra’s gotten a lot of exercise in the last few days. On Sunday, all the kitties went outside with Michael and me while we tried to make our lawn somewhat presentable. Serra went in and out, afraid of the outside, yet intrigued with what it had to offer. On Saturday, however, Serra was a fearless hunter.

To a yarn collector, moths are right up there with house fires. They are quiet little bugs with evil intent. They enter your house without your knowledge, sneak upstairs to your yarn stash and lay their eggs in the soft, tasty yarn. When you finally figure it out, your yarn is shredded and completely worthless.

A moth got in the house while Carisa was visiting, so we put a towel at the gap in the door to my craft room. I recently purchased a moth deterrent/eliminator thing that you hang in your closet, figuring if it happened again, at least my yarn would be safer. I may not have needed to do all those things because, as it turns out, I already had a moth annihilator – Serra.


On Saturday, this unlucky moth wandered in, probably at night when there was more light in the house than outside. Serra began chasing it, alerting me to the moth’s presence. Serra’s little eyes tracked the moth’s every move. Her head swirled around as the moth circled the lamp I was using to work on the Crochet Guild project. Serra jumped onto the couch when she thought the moth was in reach. It was all terribly exciting until the moth fell from the sky and landed under the sofa. Serra would have liked to eat the treat she was so carefully stalking, but it seemed to have eluded her. “Nobody eats Mommy’s yarn but me,” was Serra’s battle cry!

I had a video of my little hero in action, but I can’t put it on the Internet. It was warm inside, so there are shots of various pieces of clothing on the floor and a few of me wearing less than I want the public to see me in. So, no video for you – sorry. I’m sure that there will be more moths, and next time I’ll try to wear more clothes.

Elaine sickOn the less heroic side, more of the kittens have gotten congested. Gwen and Elaine are the worst now, having lost a bit of weight overnight. Only little Lance seems unaffected. He is taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t have any competition for food right now, gorging himself and then waddling away from the plate with his pot belly swinging. Arthur is recovering, gaining weight every time I get him in the scale. I have hope that the girls will improve too, but they have to get over the hump. Poor babies – being a kitten is tough.


One thought on “My Hero

  1. I guess it’s a good thing the kittens still needed to make weight… so they could get this one last *fingers crossed* bout of sickness out of them.

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