Looky, Looky

First CO kittens

I finally have kittens! My life is complete.

Michael and I went to the foster orientation last night, completely ready for kittens. I sat through the lecture and was even able to contribute a bit (there are diseases that I saw in San Francisco that are much rarer here, like FIP). At the end of the presentation, we were taken on a tour of the foster area of the shelter and asked if we would like to schedule appointments to pick up kittens the next day. “Yes,” Michael and I said simultaneously, with enthusiasm.

I asked for the first appointment available. The foster coordinator said she could meet me at 8:00 this morning. Done. I am not an early riser, and I was willing to drive the 25 minutes to the shelter to get kittens at 8:00am. I was desperate. And boy, was it worth it.

These little ones had been in foster before and had come down with a pretty severe URI that had taken 2 courses of meds. I know, I’ve seen worse (take Carrot, for instance), but I was glad to give them a place to recover. If I can take their first reaction to their kitten room as an indication, these kittens are going to be just fine. They were constantly moving, playing with all the toys I put out for them. A couple of the kittens jumped into the tub, unable to get out, so I put a basket in to make escape easier. I tried to photograph them individually, but it was tough given their level of excitement.

Arthur This is Arthur. He is a little loud, and very interested in his world.

Gwen This is Gwen. She managed to sneak out of my kitten room already without me noticing.

Lance Lance is a sweetheart. He wants to play just as much as the others, but he loves laps.

Percy Percy is just plain cute. He went straight to the wet food when I put it out.

The kittens are sweet and wonderful like furry little marshmallows that I just want to gobble up. I am so happy.


4 thoughts on “Looky, Looky

  1. OMG! They are so sweet and adorable! I’m so glad you finally got kittens! I love the picture of Lance. He looks like a little lion getting ready to pounce! I hope they all feel better soon! Your place seems like the best place for kittens to recuperate!

  2. Kittens, they are adorable. No matter which part of the world they live. Life seems so incomplete without such a pet. I’m so glad you finally got kittens.
    And four of them look like that they are ready to explore the new world.

    And Barbara, thank you very much for the email.

  3. YEA!!! I’m soooo happy for you that you finally got some cute kittens to fill that wonderful room that you and Michael made just for them. Tammy & I can’t wait to come and see them!!

  4. Yay Kittens! It’s people like you that allow the rest of us to see kittens and animals through the eyes of love.

    Thanks for posting pictures of each one. I felt like I could reach to the monitor to pet them. Percy is very exotic looking… wow!

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