Yarn Craft on the Road

For the Memorial Day weekend, Michael and I went to visit my brother and his family in Kansas. I was a little concerned that the kids would have grown so much that I wouldn’t have recognized them, but that seems not to be the case. As a matter of fact, the kids even remembered us (Blaine is 2, so his ability to do so was in question) and warmed up to us right away. I gave Blaine his blanket, but he wasn’t all that interested. He was, however, thrilled that I also brought him a package of anthropomorphic cars. Alexis saw all the yarn I brought and immediately went on a hunt for her knitting supplies. She made me promise to teach her new things every time we get together in the future. Shucks, I’m not sure I can do that… 🙂

Alexis knitter Blaine ham

On this trip, I got A LOT of yarn craft completed. I brought more than I thought I would need, but I seemed to have seriously underestimated myself. I completed a pineapple bag for Alicia on the way down.

pinepple bag pink

I crocheted the entire ball of yarn I brought for Vicki’s blanket by Saturday.

Vicki blanket halfway

(note how the hand dyed skeins look different in the camera flash. It is not nearly so obvious in real life)

I made 90% of the front for the Shapely Tee on Sunday, and finished the rest in the car and at home on Monday.

shapely front

I also made 4 swatches for my Crochet Guild Masters project in the car. Oh, and I made a swatch for a pair of socks that I would like to try knitting one inside the other.

This was some serious productivity! I feel good about making my deadlines now. I knew I had to get as much done as possible before the end of this month. I can complete a few things while in San Francisco, but I can’t imagine I will have ample time for knitting in Hawai’i. I will have the plane rides, I guess, and those are very, very long periods of time in which I have to sit still.

There is just one (ok, maybe quite a few) little wrinkle in my productivity plan – tonight I am finally going to a foster orientation at a local shelter! If all goes well, tomorrow I will have



2 thoughts on “Yarn Craft on the Road

  1. so…. I’m dying to know. Do you have kittens yet? Is that why you haven’t updated your blog? I bet that’s why! I bet you are taking tons of cute pictures and can’t choose which ones to put on the blog because they are all so darned cute! 🙂

  2. Wow! You were productive on your trip! Good job getting all that done! I can’t wait to see how you progress with the socks. That sounds rather interesting!

    I can’t wait to see if you get kittens!

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